Who the Hell are You?

Critical People

You sit at home watching YouTube and criticizing everything every single lifter does. Do you bother to think about where you are? Have you thought about the fact that you are at home on your Lazy Boy recliner not doing anything? What gives you the right to criticize? Just like people who don't vote should not complain about elected officials, people sitting on thei recliner … [Read more...]

How to Inspire Others

How to Inspire Others

I just finished reading an article, The "F" Word, by "Mad Man" Tony Ment. Part of me relates to this article and part of me does not relate. In fact, as I read the article I found myself conflicted about the content. It got me thinking about how we inspire other people and what that means. When people compliment your physique, they don't do so lightly. Generally speaking they … [Read more...]

It Definitely Matters


It definitely matters. You can't make progress if you don't take it seriously. People plug away and make some serious errors along their journey and then wonder (sincerely) why they have not made any progress. I'm here to tell you that attitude and approach are the key. They definitely matter. The Chatter We've all seen this person at the gym. They come in with a matching … [Read more...]

Going Against the Truth

You’ve all read my thoughts on the basic principles of training.  I believe in them strongly.  I am a person who believes that following principles will bring about more success than some pat formula.  So what about people who claim to have a program that defies principles? Defying Principles I was reading through a fitness program recently and the author … [Read more...]

Look It Over Carefully

A major part of avoiding fitness information overload is learning who to listen to and who not to listen to.  This is accomplished in numerous ways.  One way is to carefully review the qualifications of anyone you plan to listen to.  Remember, if someone is going to advise you on how to get into shape, they should have accomplishments in that area themselves.  Take a look at … [Read more...]

Who Do You Listen to?

I recently wrote an article called Check Their Credentials in which I discussed the importance of checking out the credentials of those you follow in the fitness industry.  So how do you determine who to follow? Google One of your first steps should be to conduct a Google search on the person and/or their program.  Find out if there are any complaints from other … [Read more...]

Check Their Credentials


As a way of helping you help yourself, I will be running a series about identifying who might be worth paying attention to and who to run from when looking into fitness programs.  As with everything else presented on Fitness Exposé, I will present you with some principles and then you can use those principles to guide you in your endeavors. Why is it important? I get asked … [Read more...]