Are Carbs Evil?


The debate continues to rage on. Are carbs the enemy or are they your friend? I have my opinions and I am going to share them in this article. You may agree with me and you may not agree with me, but please give some thought to what I am about to share with you. I personally subscribe to the theory that it is the timing of nutrients that matter. Carbs by themselves are not … [Read more...]

How to Eat at a Party


Everyone I know who is trying to eat healthy dreads going to parties. I believe that it is possible to go to a party, have a great time and still stick to your program. It will take will power and some advanced planning, but you can and should do it. There is no reason to avoid parties just because you are preparing for a contest. Here are 5 ways to eat right at a … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: Thoughts on IIFYM


Bodybuilding as a sport requires some intense dedication to eating the right things. You hear the words "eat clean" so often when you participate in this sport. I have also heard many jokes about the phrase "eat clean" and it really got me thinking. In fact, the entire nutrition issue has been at the front of my thinking the past couple of months. You might wonder why that … [Read more...]

Six Steps to Stay Binge Free


Last year when competing for my first bikini competition, I had a lot of issues with binge-eating. I would sneak food in the car. I would stuff myself full of peanut butter then cry and refuse dinner. I would go to Whole Foods and eat cookies and sweets, then rationalize it because I was doing yoga and needed the calories. I hated every single thing about the last time around … [Read more...]

Is Eating Every 3 Hours Truly Necessary?


Anyone who has been involved with losing fat and dropping pounds has heard the theory that eating every three hours is necessary to get maximum results. The theory is that the metabolism is stoked by eating so often. However, is it really necessary to eat every 3 hours? Personal Results I will tell you that I have tried the 3 meals a day approach and the every 3 hours … [Read more...]

Metabolic damage: Is It Real?


Metabolic damage is a topic that has heated up of late thanks to Dr. Layne Norton's videos on the topic. Today we will look at the second video in his series about Metabolic Damage. In this video Layne speaks about Metabolic Capacity. He explains how it works and how he fixes things when they've been messed up. Listen to the video first if you haven't already. What's … [Read more...]

Let’s look into metabolic damage


Dr. Layne Norton (@biolayne) has recorded 3 videos about metabolic damage. They have caused a major uproar in the industry. Today I want to review the contents of the metabolic damage video, not for entertainment purposes, but to help Layne spreads the word. I normally embed the video much lower in the article, but today I want to be sure you've seen the video. If not, please … [Read more...]

Great Sources of Protein


Have you bothered to think about the great sources of protein that are available to you? Do you know if it is important to change up your sources of protein on a regular basis? What exactly do you know about protein and its role in bodybuilding? Great Sources of Protein Protein is a building block for muscles. Having good, lean sources of protein is a must if you are going to … [Read more...]

The Best Vegetables for Bodybuilding


Bodybuilders put there body through tremendous stress. In order to continue to push themselves hard they need proper nutrition at all times. Vegetables are very important for that process to take place. Categories of Vegetables Vegetables are divided into five categories. The categories are dark green leafy vegetables, orange vegetables, dry beans and peas, starchy … [Read more...]

How an Old Guy Eats


I have tried many different forms of eating. I am gong to present my overall philosophy and my current "rapid fat loss" philosophy in this very same article. It is important to understand my overall philosophy because it is what drives my eating the majority of the time. It is also important to understand what I am doing for just a short period of time so that you can see some … [Read more...]