Y3T Training System: Looking Back

At the start of my Excalibur contest preparation cycle I utilized the Y3T system of training. I now would like to give you my impressions of that system and what, if anything, I learned from it. First, Y3T is a system invented by Neil Hill. Flex Lewis is one of the bodybuilders who uses it on a regular basis. It involves changing up the type of training you perform every … [Read more...]

How to Build Awesome Shoulders


If you are like me, you want to have that great X shape that you see on the professional bodybuilding stages around the world. A big part of attaining that shape is the look of your shoulders. Putting mass on the shoulder area is difficult only because of the high potential for injury in that area. I want to present to you the following list of how to build awesome … [Read more...]

The Role of Time Under Tension


Time under tension is yet another intensity technique that you should be working with in your training. It is a simple technique that is easy to vary, but brings about great results. In fact, there are certain muscle groups (the back for instance) that greatly benefit from this type of training. The idea is that the longer the muscle is under the tension the more you break … [Read more...]

Shaving Body Hair for a Show

Shaving Body Hair

Shaving body hair for a competition is something all bodybuilders go through. As you know, I am preparing for a show in April 2012. My advisor informed me that he wanted me to begin shaving down so that I could take better care of my skin. The prospect of shaving off my body hair was daunting at best because I have a lot of it!I began my assignment of shaving body hair by doing … [Read more...]

Mobility vs Flexibility – Part 2

In our last newsletter, we discussed mobility vs flexibility and how our bodies are a collection of joints, some requiring mobility and others requiring stability.  We covered the need for mobility through the ankle and the hip.  In this newsletter we are going to talk about knee stability, thoracic mobility, and shoulder health. The knee demands stability.  The knee as a … [Read more...]