Is It All Worth It?

Rewards of Hard Work

It is a question I have had to answer several times. Is it worth giving up so much to get on to a bodybuilding stage? Are the sacrifices really worth the rewards in the end? My first thought is that I don't see myself as giving up much at all. The way my program is laid out, I eat 6 meals a day. That's 42 meals a week. 41 of those meals are extremely strict (just protein, … [Read more...]

The Showdown: Good Form vs. Heavy Weight


The debate has raged on with many people for a long time. What is more important, heavy weight or proper form? Is there a way to merge both together?The fact is that both items are important, but you need one before you can get to the other. That's right, I believe that form is essential for making progress with any lifting regimen.In order to get good results with each muscle … [Read more...]

It Definitely Matters


It definitely matters. You can't make progress if you don't take it seriously. People plug away and make some serious errors along their journey and then wonder (sincerely) why they have not made any progress. I'm here to tell you that attitude and approach are the key. They definitely matter. The Chatter We've all seen this person at the gym. They come in with a matching … [Read more...]