Y3T Training System: Looking Back

At the start of my Excalibur contest preparation cycle I utilized the Y3T system of training. I now would like to give you my impressions of that system and what, if anything, I learned from it. First, Y3T is a system invented by Neil Hill. Flex Lewis is one of the bodybuilders who uses it on a regular basis. It involves changing up the type of training you perform every … [Read more...]

The Role of Sleep in Your Growth


If you want to gain size then you have to get enough rest. Sleep allows for maximal recovery and growth. While sleeping your body shuts down and that allows other metabolic processes to take over and work more effectively. When you are continually smashing your body with weight workouts, sleep becomes essential. If you are having trouble sleeping, it is possible that the … [Read more...]

Increase Growth Hormone Naturally

Growth Hormone

The role of growth hormones in natural bodybuilding is huge. It has multiple metabolic effects . It assists with stimulating muscle growth as well. This is why an understanding of how to increase growth hormone naturally is important to the natural bodybuilder. Growth Hormone and Protein and Protein Metabolism Growth hormone stimulates protein anabolism in many different … [Read more...]

The Role of Time Under Tension


Time under tension is yet another intensity technique that you should be working with in your training. It is a simple technique that is easy to vary, but brings about great results. In fact, there are certain muscle groups (the back for instance) that greatly benefit from this type of training. The idea is that the longer the muscle is under the tension the more you break … [Read more...]

The Mind Muscle Connection

Mind Muscle Connection

One of the most important lessons I've learned from my adviser is the need for a very strong mind muscle connection when training. He has stressed this to me on every single body part. When I first trained with him I had a hard time feeling my hamstrings. Since he wanted me to improve my squat and that involved feeling my hamstrings, I was given homework. I was told to walk a … [Read more...]

Training Strategies to Increase Growth Hormone Levels

Growth Hormone Increase

Growth hormone, particularly testosterone, depletes in men after the age of 40. A man can get to work increasing growth hormones through training strategies. The approach used is sometimes very intense, but it can achieve the desired results -- an increase in growth hormone levels in the body.Men over the age of 40 are in a tough spot. On the one hand, their joints require that … [Read more...]

My Experience With Metabolism


Lately I have had some interesting experiences with manipulating my metabolism. The things I have gone through have taught me that there are many factors that will change up your metabolism. Some of these things are obvious, but many of them are far from obvious. Obvious Things Having an Effect on Metaboblism There are some fairly obvious changes that cause a change in your … [Read more...]

Eating to Fix Your Metabolism

Repair your metabolism by eating

Do you workout hard and fail to see significant fat loss results? Are you eating clean but still can't seem to lose the gut? If this is the case, you are probably having an issue with your metabolism. Eating is one way to fix your metabolism. Determine if You Have a Metabolism Issue It is really quite simple to get an idea of how well your metabolism is working. Each night … [Read more...]

Anabolic vs Catabolic


Yesterday a question came up in our gym that I thought would be of interest to you.   What does the term catabolic or anabolic mean?  There are multiple complex chemical reactions taking place in our bodies at any given time, and I am afraid I would have lost you all to TV land if I attempted to pass along too much information.  I don't think it as important to understand what … [Read more...]