Skp LaCour’s Bodybuilding and Training Talk Radio Show: A Podcast Review


When I began my journey into the world of bodybuilding I was quickly introduced to two resources: (1) Marc David's No Bull Bodybuilding; and (2) Skip La Cour's Bodybuilding and Training podcast. I am thankful for both of these resources as they have formed a solid foundation for my bodybuilding lifestyle. When I speak to other aspiring bodybuilders I tend to feel like a genius, … [Read more...]

Why Would a Gym Disrespect a Bodybuilder?


If you watch The Biggest Loser you've no doubt seen the commercials for Planet Fitness. What I cannot understand is why a gym would ever disrespect a bodybuilder. It honestly makes very little sense to me. If I owned a gym I'd practically beg bodybuilders to come in and represent me. People join gyms so that they can look like these guys. Why show them such disrespect? Planet … [Read more...]