Mr. Olympia 2014


Starting tonight the Mr. Olympia 2014 contest will be underway. All the preparation these men have done comes down to this weekend. It is going to be a very exciting event. is going to host a live webcast of the event as well.   For bodybuilding fans this is the same as the Super Bowl in football. This is the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. … [Read more...]

Getting It Done When You’re Ready to Quit


Have you ever had one of those workouts where you had the entire thing planned and then, while doing the workout, you wanted to go home and just end the entire workout? I'm sure you have if you've been training for any length of time. The key to those situations is in how you deal with them as they come up. Baby Steps I tell my clients to handle these issues using baby steps. … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Tricep Tear Apart

Mr. Olympia 2007

The triceps muscle is a very important muscle if you want big arms. It not only gives your arms great shape, but it pushes your biceps up so they also appear larger. The triceps are generally not trained correctly. Today I want to give you some suggestions for maximizing the training of your triceps.  I will give an example workout along with the technique for getting the best … [Read more...]

Favorite Bodybuilding Podcasts


Bodybuilding is one of my favorite topics (obviously) and with the introduction of podcasts it is easier than ever to get your hands on bodybuilding information. I am going to simply list out my favorite bodybuilding podcasts. Feel free to look these up or follow the links I've provided. If you enjoy bodybuilding you will enjoy each of these podcasts. Pro Bodybuilding … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: Bringing Up Lagging Body Parts Quickly


We all have body parts that are lagging behind the others when it comes to growth. It is one of the more common questions I see -- "How do I bring up my lagging body parts?" Well, the answer is pretty straightforward, but requires some hard work and dedication to get the job done. Training Variables There are several variables that effect training. You can play with these … [Read more...]

Contest Mentality: Why Do I Want to Compete Again?


The contest mentality is definitely a different one. Why would anyone want to have a restricted diet, long cardio sessions and intense weight training sessions? What benefit is there to the person competing? Let me try to answer those questions for you in the following paragraphs. The Dieting Honestly, the dieting part of contest preparation didn't bother me in the least. … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: Does It Matter Where You Train?


Does it matter where you train? Is it possible that your environment changes how you train? Before some recent events I would not have thought so, but my mind is now made up. During my initial bodybuilding contest preparation cycle I trained 3 times a week at Metroflex Long Beach. I did all my cardio exercise at 24 Hour Fitness. I really gave the environment very little … [Read more...]

Why Your Music Selection Matters


Why would music selection matter to a workout? Is it possible to lift more depending upon your music selection? I am going to tell you that your music selection not only matters, but it is probably critical to the intensity of your training. Studies show... A study was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that addressed the issue of music during your … [Read more...]

Life Changing Events that Hurt Your Momentum


There are many things in life that can get in the way of your bodybuilding momentum. How you react to these events is going to determine how well you succeed on the other side of the event. I can tell you that I have had both positive and negative experiences with life changing events and my bodybuilding momentum, so I feel like I am qualified to talk to you about this … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Get Ripped


Ask most people and they will agree that they would like to be "shredded" or "ripped" like the people on the fitness magazine covers. I am not talking about bodybuilding magazines, I am speaking of magazines like Shape or Men's Fitness. There are 10 great reasons why you should get ripped and I am going to share those with you today! You will have healthier internal organs. … [Read more...]