Book Review: Never Let Go

Never Let Go by Dan John

Never Let Go by Dan John is an account of the life and training philosophies of Dan John, an Olympic weight lifter and discus throw champion. His book is subtitled "A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning." It is a very appropriate subtitle indeed. Dan John has alot to say and he says it in this book. He covers a variety of interesting topics. His discussions are all … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Paleo Diet


The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain was a disappointing read for me. I am always quite interested in new approaches to diet and exercise and that is why I got so interested in this book. However, the end result is that I didn't really learn much more than I could have from the web for free. Too Much Information The author spends far too much time trying to convince us that … [Read more...]

Book Review: Better Than Steroids


Better Than Steroids by Dr. Warren Wiley was a very interesting read on many levels. The book is all about how to eat if you want a bodybuilder's physique. That's the meat of the book--how to use food in the way some people use steroids. Ketogenic Dieting Dr. Willey recommends a Ketogenic Diet for fat loss and lean mass building. This involves high fat, moderate protein and … [Read more...]