Why I Dislike the Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is an extremely popular diet plan being used by millions of people around the world. It is based upon alleged scientific principles that seem to mimic the better parts of the Adkins Diet and most ketogenic diets. As a person who has tried many different types of diet plans, I wanted to present the reasons why I dislike the Paleo Diet. Please understand that I am … [Read more...]

How Fear of Counting Calories is Overcome

How to Count Calories

Tell someone "count your calories" and you will likely elicit a strange response. Some people quake at the thought of counting calories. Other people actually give up on eating right because of calorie counting. The words "count calories" brings fear out of people because they see a huge job. They envision themselves tethered to an app that will track their food. They see … [Read more...]

Transformation In Progress

The Holy Grail Transformation Program

A week ago I started a new training program created by Tom Venuto called The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program. This program operates off the principle that you can both gain muscle and lose fat at the same time by following some simple principles as outlined in the program. These principles combine nutritional elements with training elements to get you into the best shape … [Read more...]