Is Eating Every 3 Hours Truly Necessary?


Anyone who has been involved with losing fat and dropping pounds has heard the theory that eating every three hours is necessary to get maximum results. The theory is that the metabolism is stoked by eating so often. However, is it really necessary to eat every 3 hours? Personal Results I will tell you that I have tried the 3 meals a day approach and the every 3 hours … [Read more...]

Metabolic damage: Is It Real?


Metabolic damage is a topic that has heated up of late thanks to Dr. Layne Norton's videos on the topic. Today we will look at the second video in his series about Metabolic Damage. In this video Layne speaks about Metabolic Capacity. He explains how it works and how he fixes things when they've been messed up. Listen to the video first if you haven't already. What's … [Read more...]

Let’s look into metabolic damage


Dr. Layne Norton (@biolayne) has recorded 3 videos about metabolic damage. They have caused a major uproar in the industry. Today I want to review the contents of the metabolic damage video, not for entertainment purposes, but to help Layne spreads the word. I normally embed the video much lower in the article, but today I want to be sure you've seen the video. If not, please … [Read more...]

How Fear of Counting Calories is Overcome

How to Count Calories

Tell someone "count your calories" and you will likely elicit a strange response. Some people quake at the thought of counting calories. Other people actually give up on eating right because of calorie counting. The words "count calories" brings fear out of people because they see a huge job. They envision themselves tethered to an app that will track their food. They see … [Read more...]

Regain Physique Transformation Momentum


When executing a physique transformation there are alot of things that can get in your way. While there are strategies to overcome potential derailment, there are also strategies to overcome short forays off the chosen path. I believe the later to be the most important. Regaining Physique Transformation Momentum The list of things that can derail you from your physique … [Read more...]

The Easy Way to Count Calories


In a recent article, Reevaluate and Be Real With Yourself, I mentioned the importance of meal planning in your physique transformation process. While I am sure most of you nodded your head in agreement upon reading that part of the article, do you really understand why it is so important? Did you know there are two major reasons that planning your meals is important: counting … [Read more...]