5 More Evil Habits that Hijack Your Progress

5 Bad Habits

I just finished reading 8 Evil habits that Hijack Your Progress and Snuff Out Your Motivation by my friend Marc David and it got me thinking. It is an article you definitely want to read, but I realized there are 5 more evil habits that could be included. Constantly changing their eating habits. It is pretty clear to me that most people fail at the fat loss game because they … [Read more...]

Cardio Timing for Fat Loss


Have you ever considered how important the timing of your cardio is? Some people are completely obsessed with the topic while others dismiss it as completely unimportant. The question today is does it matter at all? Cardio Before Weight Training Doing cardio before you train with weights is something that the uninformed gym member will think is perfectly acceptable. The … [Read more...]

Kick Up Your Cardio to Burn Fat


It took me some time to figure out, and I know this may seem stupid, but all 3 elements of fitness programs must align for there to be maximum success--weight training, nutrition and cardio training. I am now kicking up my cardio training to a new level to maximize fat loss. I have never been very good about cardio training consistency. I mean well, but I never quite … [Read more...]

Unconventional Cardio


When someone mentions cardio training, how do you react? Do you try to avoid it? What are you picturing in your mind? Is it the treadmill, stepmill or even the elipptical? Are you imagining long periods of time spent running outside? It is time to change your thinking. While all of the above are conventional means for getting cardio exercise, conventional cardio isn't the only … [Read more...]