Why I Love This Subjective Sport

Subjective Judging

There is a saying in the boxing and MMA world -- never let the fight go to the judges. The feeling is that when a fight is allowed to go to the judges there are times when the better fighter does not win. I have to agree with this in principle. Many times the decision of the judges does not match the fight I witness. Bodybuilding is 100% subjective. People go to shows and … [Read more...]

How I Made it to the Contest Stage


On April 14, 2012 I accomplished a goal I had been working towards for months. I stepped on stage at the NPC Amateur Grand Prix and competed in my first bodybuilding competition. Yes, I said "first" because there will be more. This is the story of how I got there and where I plan to go next. Where I Started This was my before picture taken on August 1, 2011. As you can see, … [Read more...]