5 More Evil Habits that Hijack Your Progress

5 Bad Habits

I just finished reading 8 Evil habits that Hijack Your Progress and Snuff Out Your Motivation by my friend Marc David and it got me thinking. It is an article you definitely want to read, but I realized there are 5 more evil habits that could be included. Constantly changing their eating habits. It is pretty clear to me that most people fail at the fat loss game because they … [Read more...]

6 Simple Steps to Clean Eating

Eat Clean

Everyone and their grannies seem to be talking about Clean Eating, Eating Clean, Clean Foods, a Clean Diet, etc. What is all this about?  I can wash my veggies, is that clean enough?  I shower before I cook dinner, does that count? When I refer to Clean Eating or Eating Clean or following a Clean diet, I am referring specifically to Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet.    Tosca … [Read more...]