Elements of Training: Intensity

Training Intensity

One element of training that is frequently misunderstood is intensity. To me this is a multifaceted element and every single person who wants to improve their physique should understand it to the fullest extent possible. Intensity can be about rest time, taking sets to failure and a multitude of other things. I have a secret principle that also causes an increase in intensity. … [Read more...]

Elements of Training: Volume

Training Volume

Training volume is another one of the training variables that can be manipulated to avoid adaptation. Volume is a principle aimed directly at the number of sets and repetitions you complete during a training session. There are generally two schools of thought on this issue and we will examine both of them during out discussion. Appropriate Repetiton Range One way that the … [Read more...]

Elements of Training: Frequency


We have discussed the Elements of Training and how they work together to make your training better. The first variable in the Elements of Training is training frequency. Defining Training Frequency In its simplest form, training frequency refers to the number of times a muscle group is trained each week. It is one of the important variables in your training routine. Changes … [Read more...]