5 Reasons to Lift Weights


Lifting weights is something that many people look on with scorn and disdain. I generally hear things like "I don't want to get big and disgusting like the bodybuilders in the magazines!" or "All I want to do is lose some fat!" or "I only want to be leaner." When I hear these objections to lifting weights I think of my 5 reasons to lift weights. You will lose more fat by … [Read more...]

Y3T Training System: Looking Back

At the start of my Excalibur contest preparation cycle I utilized the Y3T system of training. I now would like to give you my impressions of that system and what, if anything, I learned from it. First, Y3T is a system invented by Neil Hill. Flex Lewis is one of the bodybuilders who uses it on a regular basis. It involves changing up the type of training you perform every … [Read more...]

Why Y3T was my training choice

Why Y3T?

During my preparation for my second bodybuilding contest I knew that I would have to work hard to put on mass. Now I am a strong believer in trying and tweaking things that work for others. Yes, I said tweaking. I know that may upset some, but I will explain in the course of this article why I think tweaking is important and what, if anything, I tweaked in Y3T. The Need Was … [Read more...]

How to Succeed by Knowing Your Body


You are the only person with the exact hormonal balance and body chemistry that exists in your body. Use this to your advantage by getting to know your body and handling it the way it wants to be handled. There are 3 common areas where knowing your body will help you succeed. Weight Training for Your Body Many people want to follow the cookie-cutter approach to weight … [Read more...]

How to Take Intensity to a New Level

How to Raise Intensity Levels

To me, exercise intensity is one of the most important factors to gaining mass from your gym training. I must clarify that obviously eating is the number one factor, but exercise intensity is a very close second. The problem is that most people have no idea what intensity really is--until they are shown. Increase Intensity with Time Under Tension One way to increase intensity … [Read more...]

How to Bring Up Lagging Body Parts


Bringing up a lagging body part is something most people are concerned with at some point. The answer is all about the way you train. Here are some tips that will help you bring up lagging body parts. Prioritize the order of your exercises By putting weaker body parts towards the front of your workout you will be able to hit them harder. Your energy levels will be at their … [Read more...]

Biceps Training Basics

Basic Biceps Training

The basics of training your biceps are both simple and elusive at the same time. If you take the time to go back to the basics and apply these tips you will see growth in your biceps. Always Squeeze Hard As with any muscle group, one of the keys to good biceps training is to squeeze the muscle hard at the top of the movement. You need to move tghe muscle with good form and … [Read more...]

How to Use One Arm and Increase Intensity

How to Use One Arm for Intensity

As you know if you read this blog on a regular basis, I am always looking for ways to increase the intensity of my training. I am now a strong believer that the more intense your training the better your results will be. Recently I have discovered how important it is to use just one arm on certain exercises in order to increase the intensity of your training. One area I have … [Read more...]

How to Have Endurance Like a Hockey Player


I just finished watching the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers finish up a triple overtime hockey game. It struck me how strong these players are. They have superhuman endurance. They literally played 114 minutes of hockey before the game ended. Hockey players work hard during their shifts. They are able to last and last. Watching the third overtime, you would never … [Read more...]

How to Use Intensity in Weight Training

How to Use Intensity in Weight Training

To me, intensity in weight training brings about the most results. Here I am speaking of High Intensity Training (HIT) as introduced by Arthur Jones, inventory of the Nautilus line of gym equipment. I have tried body part splits and I have tried HIT full body training and I believe I had the best results from HIT. In fact, I am seriously considering returning to HIT after my … [Read more...]