Planning to Cheat

Reward Meal

Planning to cheat is something that everyone should do. I have been working very hard on maintaining strict nutrition so that I can burn off maximum fat. However, my adviser tells me that I need to have one planned reward meal every week. He has explained the numerous benefits that occur as a result. The fact is that reward meals tend to make me feel guilty. It is a mental … [Read more...]

It Definitely Matters


It definitely matters. You can't make progress if you don't take it seriously. People plug away and make some serious errors along their journey and then wonder (sincerely) why they have not made any progress. I'm here to tell you that attitude and approach are the key. They definitely matter. The Chatter We've all seen this person at the gym. They come in with a matching … [Read more...]

Do You Really Try?


Do you really try to avoid eating the wrong things? Do you really know how your nutritional plan is affecting your physique transformation progress? My answer may surprise you. I doubt that you really try. I believe you think you try, but the reality is that you don't try as much as you think you do. Most people think they stick to whatever program they've chosen. They believe … [Read more...]

Transformation In Progress

The Holy Grail Transformation Program

A week ago I started a new training program created by Tom Venuto called The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program. This program operates off the principle that you can both gain muscle and lose fat at the same time by following some simple principles as outlined in the program. These principles combine nutritional elements with training elements to get you into the best shape … [Read more...]

Plan Your Training Success


In a previous article, Reeveluate and Be Real With Yourself, I wrote about the need to plan your workouts. I touched briefly on it and felt it might benfit you to see a more in-depth discussion of the topic. There are four reasons why you will benefit from planning your training in advance. Time Management The most commonly heard complaint from those who do not consistently … [Read more...]

The Easy Way to Count Calories


In a recent article, Reevaluate and Be Real With Yourself, I mentioned the importance of meal planning in your physique transformation process. While I am sure most of you nodded your head in agreement upon reading that part of the article, do you really understand why it is so important? Did you know there are two major reasons that planning your meals is important: counting … [Read more...]

Stop Lying to Yourself


In my previous post Reevaluate and Be Real With Yourself I discussed the issues involved in holding yourself accountable. This is some important information because of the Mission Accountability I have embarked upon. There are several steps that you must follow. The first step is probably the most difficult. Stop Lying to Yourself Like anything else, nothing is going to … [Read more...]

Protein Shake for High Carb Days

Protein Shake Recipe

As you read in a my article entitled Time To Reload, I am utilizing a carb-cycling approach to nutrition at this point. In order to get the proper amount of carbs, I have come up with this great tasting protein shake that is high in carbs. This particular recipe is extremely tasty. The ingredients:   2 scoops of Cytosport 100% Whey (Chocolate) 1 banana 2 tablespoons of … [Read more...]

Time to Reload


I am working on getting into great shape. My issue has always been how I eat and the cardio that I do (or sometimes don't do). I've had alot of success with the Stronglifts 5 x 5 workout in 2011. While I still weigh what I weighed on January 1, 2011 (that alone is a victory), my fat percentage is down a full 2% since the start of the year. That is significant because I know I … [Read more...]