Why You Need to Lift Heavy


Training heavy is something that people ask about all the time. It is sometimes a controversial topic. I personally believe that training heavy is essential at times. I am going to give you 5 reasons why training heavy is so essential in my mind. #1 - You Will Torch Body Fat Lifting heavy builds mounds of muscle. That muscle works full time to burn fat from your body. In … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: A Rant on Lying to Make Money


Lying in the fitness industry is something that disgusts me. In today's Saturday Sharing I am going to do a rant on lying to make money because I have very strong feelings about the topic. In my experience there are a number of ways people in the fitness industry are lying to make money. I am going to approach 3 of those ways and give you my opinion on them. Lying About … [Read more...]

Expose Podcast Episode #1: Let’s Talk About IIFYM


Listen to Expose Podcast #1: Let's Talk About IIFYM http://fitnessexpose.com/podcasts/ExposePodcast1.mp3 Today our topic is IIFYM -- If It Fits Your Macros. What is IIFYM? IIFYM is an eating strategy designed to keep you in your best possible shape year round. It has recently gained in popularity among physique competitors who don't want to constantly live on a restrictive … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Tabata for Fat Loss

tabata training protocol

Tabata is an extremely intense training protocol that does wonders for fitness and fat loss. Tabata sessions are extremely short in duration. This makes them very attractive to many people. Dr. Izumi Tabata - Inventor Dr. Izumi Tabata is the inventor of the Tabata protocol. He conducted a study on the best way to incorporate an interval training model. His objective was to … [Read more...]

How to Set Long Term Goals


In order to set long term goals effectively you need to have a process you follow religiously. I mapped out how to start with that in my previous article (My Goal Planning Analyzed Step-by-Step). To set long term goals means to be forced to plan for the future. Planning is the key to all success when trying to transform your body. Use the SMART System for Setting Goals The … [Read more...]

Cardio Techniques: Steady State Cardio


In the coming weeks I am going to reveal to you some well-known and lesser known cardio techniques to help scorch the fat from your body quickly. Steady state cardio is the first technique I will address. This type of cardio involves a steady pace over a particular period of time. I am going to share the technique with you and how to master it. Steady State Cardio Remains at … [Read more...]

Getting Lean and the Bodybuilding Community


Getting lean is something most people want to do. How many of you want 6-pack abs? That's part of getting lean. The goals you have will undoubtedly have something related to getting lean. How many of you with the goal of getting lean have actually paid attention to the bodybuilding community and what they have to say on the topic? The Bodybuilding Community Perspective on … [Read more...]

How to Survive Halloween


Halloween is a time where many people fall off the wagon when it comes to their diet. As I have mentioned regarding the holidays (12 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain) it is all about having a strategy in advance. You see anything relating to diet and nutrition is all about planning ahead. Failing to plan is planning to fail -- cliche I know, but completely true. Let's have … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: My Thoughts on Fat Burners


Everyone is always looking for the miracle pill that will melt the fat off their body with no exercise required. Unfortunately, that pill does not exist. However, we've all seen the fat burners that are sold on the market. Do they work? Today I give you my thoughts on those fat burners—over the counter and otherwise. The concept behind a fat burner is that it increases your … [Read more...]

Contest Mentality: Why Do I Want to Compete Again?


The contest mentality is definitely a different one. Why would anyone want to have a restricted diet, long cardio sessions and intense weight training sessions? What benefit is there to the person competing? Let me try to answer those questions for you in the following paragraphs. The Dieting Honestly, the dieting part of contest preparation didn't bother me in the least. … [Read more...]