How I Made it to the Contest Stage


On April 14, 2012 I accomplished a goal I had been working towards for months. I stepped on stage at the NPC Amateur Grand Prix and competed in my first bodybuilding competition. Yes, I said "first" because there will be more. This is the story of how I got there and where I plan to go next. Where I Started This was my before picture taken on August 1, 2011. As you can see, … [Read more...]

Eating for Mass

Eat for Mass

Eating for mass sounds like such an easy thing, but honestly, it is one of the most difficult things to do correctly. You have to eat a lot of food to gain mass the right way. So what is "the right way"? The right way involves gaining mass while minimizing fat gain. That's where the difficulty arises. There are bodybuilders who still believe that "off-season" means they can … [Read more...]

5 Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Circuit Training changed my life!!  Previous to training in circuits I had lifted about three days a week and ran about 6 days a week.  Now I circuit train 3 times a week and that’s my cardio and my strength training all in one!!  I lost about 10 pounds, but it was all fat.  Here’s the Top 5 Benefits of Circuit Training: 1.  TORCH FAT!  THE FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE TO GET LEAN!!  … [Read more...]

Cardio Timing for Fat Loss


Have you ever considered how important the timing of your cardio is? Some people are completely obsessed with the topic while others dismiss it as completely unimportant. The question today is does it matter at all? Cardio Before Weight Training Doing cardio before you train with weights is something that the uninformed gym member will think is perfectly acceptable. The … [Read more...]

My Path to Fitness: An Update

My Update

My path to having a body that looks good has been a long one, but I am on a path that leads to the promised land at the current time. I predicted this a month or so ago when I told you about a change in my training and nutrition. I am no longer just confident that things are going in the right direction, I am 100% certain of my ultimate success. It is an awesome feeling to know … [Read more...]

Combat the Fat for Quick Fat Loss


Combat the Fat is a workout aimed at burning fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. It approaches things in a different manner, through the use of various types of circuits. Its author, Jeff Anderson, has put out some very good programs in the past, so I expected nothing less from this program. Combat the Fat - The Training The training follows the principles of shortened … [Read more...]

Eating to Fix Your Metabolism

Repair your metabolism by eating

Do you workout hard and fail to see significant fat loss results? Are you eating clean but still can't seem to lose the gut? If this is the case, you are probably having an issue with your metabolism. Eating is one way to fix your metabolism. Determine if You Have a Metabolism Issue It is really quite simple to get an idea of how well your metabolism is working. Each night … [Read more...]

Reevaluate and Be Real With Yourself


My Story Have you been working out hard, but you are still struggling with seeing good results? Are you doing cardio with intensity, but jsut seem to hold the fat on your frame? Are you one of the people who works out consistently, but is still "fat"? If so, this post is for you, so open up your mind and heart to what you are about to read. I began working out in earnest a … [Read more...]

Time to Reload


I am working on getting into great shape. My issue has always been how I eat and the cardio that I do (or sometimes don't do). I've had alot of success with the Stronglifts 5 x 5 workout in 2011. While I still weigh what I weighed on January 1, 2011 (that alone is a victory), my fat percentage is down a full 2% since the start of the year. That is significant because I know I … [Read more...]