5 More Evil Habits that Hijack Your Progress

5 Bad Habits

I just finished reading 8 Evil habits that Hijack Your Progress and Snuff Out Your Motivation by my friend Marc David and it got me thinking. It is an article you definitely want to read, but I realized there are 5 more evil habits that could be included. Constantly changing their eating habits. It is pretty clear to me that most people fail at the fat loss game because they … [Read more...]

My Path to Fitness: An Update

My Update

My path to having a body that looks good has been a long one, but I am on a path that leads to the promised land at the current time. I predicted this a month or so ago when I told you about a change in my training and nutrition. I am no longer just confident that things are going in the right direction, I am 100% certain of my ultimate success. It is an awesome feeling to know … [Read more...]