How to Stay Focused on Your Goals


Do you get bored with your goals? It is important to stay focused in order to accomplish what you set out to accomplish. You have to dig deep to get through the times when boredom sets in. These simple tips will help you stay focused on your goals. Concentrate on 1 to 3 goals at a time Perhaps you are spreading yourself too thin? Pick 1 to 3 goals and then concentrate on … [Read more...]

Steps to Regaining Focus

regaining focus

We all experience it. The need for regaining focus in our fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle. Things happen to derail us along the way and regaining focus becomes a priority. These are the steps to regaining focus. Realize that you have truly lost focus. Like trying to kick an addiction, coming to a clear realization that you have lost focus is one key to successfully … [Read more...]

How to Break Your Goals into Manageable Pieces


Goal setting is a process. I have been attempting to teach that to you over the past month with my articles on Setting Goals for Fitness and Bodybuilding, My Goal Planning Analyzed Step-by-Step, and How to Set Long Term Goals. Today I want to discuss how to break your goal into manageable pieces and why that matters. Long Term Goal = Daunting Task As discussed in a previous … [Read more...]

Setting Goals for Fitness and Bodybuilding


What are your bodybuilding and fitness goals? Is one of your goals to "lose weight" or maybe to "tone up" or possibly to "get leaner"? Are you going to try to "lift heavy" or "workout more"? If these are your current goals then you really need to keep reading. Goals Should Be SMART A goal is a road map to success. As such, goals should be SMART -- Specific, Measureable, … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Maximize Your Training


The purpose of weight training is to get and stay in shape, promote your overall health and to make you feel better. In order to maximize your results you need to focus on more than just proper technique and executition. The following 6 techniques are more advanced and will pay off for you in the long run. 1. Use the Post-Exhaust Technique Conventional wisdom used to be … [Read more...]

The Mass Gain Mission


I am about to embark on a Mass Gain Mission that will last 16 weeks. It starts on May 4, 2014 and ends on August 23, 2014. The goal will be to gain as much mass as possible while also ridding myself of body fat. I will be following a very strict training and supplementation program. I will document the entire process for a future book on the topic of getting in shape after 40. … [Read more...]

My Struggles With Training


I love to train. I really do. I love how it makes me feel when I am doing it. I love the sore muscles afterwards. I love the extra energy it gives me. At the same time, I was just like every other "normal" person out there and completely fell off the training bandwagon. I trained every single day for 2 years straight. I saw some amazing results. I had things showing up on my … [Read more...]

How to Set Goals That Keep You Motivated


Motivation is a problem for many people. I know it has been in the past for me. The key here is that my motivation problems are now a thing of the past. We often hear that we should set goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method to stay motivated. While I mostly agree with the S.M.A.R.T. approach, I believe that things should be handled one bite at a time. Keep It Small Most people go … [Read more...]

Getting It Done When You’re Ready to Quit


Have you ever had one of those workouts where you had the entire thing planned and then, while doing the workout, you wanted to go home and just end the entire workout? I'm sure you have if you've been training for any length of time. The key to those situations is in how you deal with them as they come up. Baby Steps I tell my clients to handle these issues using baby steps. … [Read more...]

What’s Your Story?


What is your story? What brings you to your interest in bodybuilding and getting into shape? Everyone has their own story, what is your's? My Story I was a nice 210 lbs when I had to go in for back surgery. I had a 12 week recuperation period after the surgery. I gained so much weight that I was embarrassed by how I looked. I had to lose weight. I went to work doing the best … [Read more...]