How to Believe and Make it Happen

How to Believe and Make It Happen

Yesterday I discussed how I am creating my own miracle. One point I failed to make--if you don't believe, miracles cannot and will not happen. Today I want to discuss how to believe and make it happen. The power is your's to take. In August 2011 I started a journey that is about to culminate in my first competition. When I started I weighed 255 lbs. and was at 32% body fat. … [Read more...]

Eat for Fuel


Eating for fuel is not a concept most people relish. Most people eat for pleasure purposes. They eat certain meals because they taste good or make them feel good. While this is fine in and of itself, if a person looks at food in this manner they will have a harder time losing weight when the time comes. To the foodie, food is something they live for. They continually talk … [Read more...]

Mission Accountability


I recently posted a video at Welcome to My Mind (my personal outlet for my thoughts) regarding the difficulties I've had this week gettign my workouts in due to a change in how I am working these days. The video is entitled "Confession" and tells of my plight this week and my plans to handle that plight. Doing the video got me thinking about accountability. I originally got my … [Read more...]