Working with a Coach


I have tried every single way I know of to lose weight and get into great shape. I have done it on my own. I have used a personal trainer. I have used a contest preparation coach. There are distinct differences between each approach and today I want to describe the benefits of using a coach. Doing it On Your Own When most people decide they need to get into shape they make an … [Read more...]

Are the Evil Things You Heard About Carbs True?


We have all seen all the low carb diets and how well they work, but those diets have given carbs a bad name. This just isn't right. Carbs in and of themselves are not evil. Carbs play a huge role in the diet of a bodybuilder as we will see shortly. Thus, we are going to answer the question "Are the evil things you've heard about carbs true?" What Are Carbs Anyway? Many of us … [Read more...]

Fitness Goals are Achieveable With the Right Strategy


Have you ever wondered why people do not reach their fitness goals? If you've given this topic any thought at all there's no doubt that you can come up with numerous reasons. I am going to assume that people are doing what they are supposed to--eating right, exercising hard and tracking their progress--and yet still not reaching their fitness goals. I believe that most people … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Paleo Diet


The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain was a disappointing read for me. I am always quite interested in new approaches to diet and exercise and that is why I got so interested in this book. However, the end result is that I didn't really learn much more than I could have from the web for free. Too Much Information The author spends far too much time trying to convince us that … [Read more...]

Low Carb Protein Shake


Low carb protein shakes are a Godsend for the low carb dieter. Most of us doing carb cycling have our protein requirements set pretty high and in order to hit our caloric requirements on low carb days we need to supplement with protein shakes. While I recorded a video for this, it did not come out well, so I am going to do my best to describe the shake and the preparation of … [Read more...]