How to Believe and Make it Happen

How to Believe and Make It Happen

Yesterday I discussed how I am creating my own miracle. One point I failed to make--if you don't believe, miracles cannot and will not happen. Today I want to discuss how to believe and make it happen. The power is your's to take. In August 2011 I started a journey that is about to culminate in my first competition. When I started I weighed 255 lbs. and was at 32% body fat. … [Read more...]

How to Make Miracles Happen

How to Make Miracles Happen

When things get tough and it seems like a miracle is necessary, do you sit back and wait for it or do you make it happen on your own? I strongly believe that you should do everything in your power to pull off the miracle. When you face adversity and need a miracle, go after it! I was recently put in a position where I really felt like just throwing in the towel. With 2 weeks … [Read more...]

Positive Pressure for Accountability


There is something about accountability that helps one achieve the goals they set for themselves. With me it has been an essential element to my program. This is why I want to describe to you a goal I've set for myself and how I came to the conclusion that it needed to be done now. Positive Pressure I am a big believer that putting positive pressure on yourself will get you … [Read more...]