How to Change Your Life by Changing How You Eat

Change How You Eat

It is possible to change your life by changing how you eat. While the focus of this blog has changed to be more about the bodybuilding lifestyle, I want everyone to be able to get something out of what I write about, so today I want to focus on general fitness and how you can improve that by changing how you eat. Why Diets Fail Most diets are doomed to failure before they … [Read more...]

How to Win With Meal Planning

How to Win With Meal Planning

Meal planning seems to be one of those things that people are afraid of. I often wonder why anyone is afraid of planning their meals. To me, not planning ahead on the meals is a recipe for failure. In this article I give you x tips on how to win with meal planning. Planning meals handles calorie counting. When you are trying to diet for a show or a photo shoot, you need to … [Read more...]

Is It All Worth It?

Rewards of Hard Work

It is a question I have had to answer several times. Is it worth giving up so much to get on to a bodybuilding stage? Are the sacrifices really worth the rewards in the end? My first thought is that I don't see myself as giving up much at all. The way my program is laid out, I eat 6 meals a day. That's 42 meals a week. 41 of those meals are extremely strict (just protein, … [Read more...]

Meal Timing Debate

Eating Multiple Meals Daily

Meal timing is back in the spotlight lately. I discuss this topic in today's video about nutrition. The discussion revolves around the claim in the bodybuilding world that it is better for fat burning and metabolism boosting to eat 5 or 6 small meals a day separated by 3 hours. The idea behind this approach is that the metabolism will be revved up all day long as the body … [Read more...]

Planning to Cheat

Reward Meal

Planning to cheat is something that everyone should do. I have been working very hard on maintaining strict nutrition so that I can burn off maximum fat. However, my adviser tells me that I need to have one planned reward meal every week. He has explained the numerous benefits that occur as a result. The fact is that reward meals tend to make me feel guilty. It is a mental … [Read more...]