The Training Mindset

The Training Mindset

The training mindset is so important when you enter the gym. Why do I believe this? The biggest block to your success is your mind. Everything else could be in alignment, but if your mind is not willing you will fail. This is why you need to be sure that  your mindset is right when you enter the gym.A training mindset is one where you are ready to give everything you have to … [Read more...]

Optimum Anabolics for Maximum Growth


Optimum Anabolics is a program from the Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson. Jeff is known for putting together incredibly easy to follow training programs. His approach is the same in each training program he releases, which makes it easy for the user to create a great training experience. The Optimum Anabolics program focuses on both training and nutrition to put your body in the … [Read more...]

Combat the Fat for Quick Fat Loss


Combat the Fat is a workout aimed at burning fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. It approaches things in a different manner, through the use of various types of circuits. Its author, Jeff Anderson, has put out some very good programs in the past, so I expected nothing less from this program. Combat the Fat - The Training The training follows the principles of shortened … [Read more...]

Do You Really Try?


Do you really try to avoid eating the wrong things? Do you really know how your nutritional plan is affecting your physique transformation progress? My answer may surprise you. I doubt that you really try. I believe you think you try, but the reality is that you don't try as much as you think you do. Most people think they stick to whatever program they've chosen. They believe … [Read more...]

Transformation In Progress

The Holy Grail Transformation Program

A week ago I started a new training program created by Tom Venuto called The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program. This program operates off the principle that you can both gain muscle and lose fat at the same time by following some simple principles as outlined in the program. These principles combine nutritional elements with training elements to get you into the best shape … [Read more...]