Stay away if you know what’s good for you!


Like alot of you, I am always checking out supplement prices trying to find the best deal.  I was looking for the workout stack from Scivation with the two products:  Xtend and Vasocharge.  After searching the web I determined that the cheapest price came from  I placed my order and waited for the product to arrive. The first problem that I ran into was … [Read more...]

Use Your Head

Scams infiltrate every type of business, but for some reason, it seems extremely easy for people to scam you in the fitness industry.  I personally think it is because of so much misinformation that it is easier for people to be scammed.  Most people believe almost everything they hear.  They think that because someone is online and offering advice they are … [Read more...]

New Workout or Old Idea?

Lately I see alot of these new, intense workouts being peddled on the internet.  As I have suggested to each of you, I went ahead and purchased a couple and found out some interesting (but not surprising) information. It seems that people are now jumping on the High Intensity Training bandwagon all over again.  While this training regimen has been around for 40+ … [Read more...]

Joint Venture or Monetization Scheme?

Today I was pondering something regarding the fitness industry and it inspired me to write this post.  As most of you know, the fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  There is alot of money to be made by someone with a large list of prospects.  A common teaching of internet gurus is to get involved with a joint venture (JV) to assist with building … [Read more...]