Squatting for Bigger Quads


Bigger quads means move intense training. The best way I have found to get bigger quads is to squat often and squat heavy. Let's look at how you can squat for bigger quads How to Squat Squatting looks easy, but it requires a lot of technique. You start by setting the bar at a height just below shoulder level. Grip the bar with both hands and squeeze your shoulder blades … [Read more...]

5 Steps to a Great Squat


Squats (along with deadlifts) are one of the best possible exercises you can do for your body. Where you place them in your workout is a strategic decision. Including them in your workout is a must. Step One: Improve your hinge technique. The hinge is a key component to a good squat. If you do not get your butt back you will not be able to get low and then get back up from … [Read more...]

Stronglifts 5 x 5 for Squatting Success


The Stronglifts 5x5 workout is a hybrid of the Starting Strength workout by Mark Rippetoe. The aim is to build strength and muscle. The question: is it effective? Stronglifts 5x5 basics This program involves 2 workouts lifting 3 times a week, rotating both workouts in an alternating fashion. If you were to lift Monday, Wednesday and Friday you'd do Workout A on Monday, … [Read more...]