How to Use One Arm and Increase Intensity

How to Use One Arm for Intensity

As you know if you read this blog on a regular basis, I am always looking for ways to increase the intensity of my training. I am now a strong believer that the more intense your training the better your results will be. Recently I have discovered how important it is to use just one arm on certain exercises in order to increase the intensity of your training. One area I have … [Read more...]

Reevaluate and Be Real With Yourself


My Story Have you been working out hard, but you are still struggling with seeing good results? Are you doing cardio with intensity, but jsut seem to hold the fat on your frame? Are you one of the people who works out consistently, but is still "fat"? If so, this post is for you, so open up your mind and heart to what you are about to read. I began working out in earnest a … [Read more...]