My Focus Journal Entry #10


This week we changed up a couple of variables--longer and more frequent cardio sessions along with a new approach to weight training. The changes produced some very positive results. Body weight: 256.8 (up 3.4 lbs) Body Fat %: 18.7% (down 1.3%) Reduced my chest by 0.5 inches Reduced my abdominal area by 0.25 inches I feel good and strong, but I am very sure I am … [Read more...]

Y3T Principles Reviewed


Y3T is a great training program. I have done several articles on it: Y3T Review Revisited Y3T Training System: Looking Back Why Y3T Was My Training Choice So, as a disclaimer right up front, I am a big fan of this system of training for many reasons. Today I want to discuss the principles behind the system, but first let's talk about the man who came up with … [Read more...]

Y3T Review Revisited


Y3T is an amazing training program that I've used in the past. I actually did a review of it not long ago. Y3T is a program created by the Yoda, Neil Hill. It has been used by one of my favourite bodybuilders, Flex Lewis. The principles it contains really seem to work, but I will discuss all that later in this article and in further detail in another article. Y3T is an … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Get Your Calves to Grow


Training your calves can be extremely frustrating. For whatever reason, this muscle is extremely hard to force growth out of. There are many approaches to getting your calves to grow. Today I am going to suggest a 4 week program that will definitely inspire growth in your calves. Parts of this program are quite extreme and not for the feint of heart, but they work. I Command … [Read more...]

Hamstring Curls for Stronger Legs

hamstring curls

Hamstring curls are superior to deadlifts in activating the hamstrings. Don't believe me? Read on! A recent study by Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research seems to show that my initial statement above is true. The study used accomplished trainees who had been training longer than 4 years. It showed that the hamstring curl … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: A Rant on Bad Personal Trainers


Bad personal trainers really get under my skin. Today I am going to get this off my chest because it has bothered me for a long time. I am not going to name the names of these bad trainers or even where they work. I am going to tell you why I think they are horrible and you should stay far away from them. Honestly, the majority of these horrible personal trainers work for large … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Lift Heavy


Training heavy is something that people ask about all the time. It is sometimes a controversial topic. I personally believe that training heavy is essential at times. I am going to give you 5 reasons why training heavy is so essential in my mind. #1 - You Will Torch Body Fat Lifting heavy builds mounds of muscle. That muscle works full time to burn fat from your body. In … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Back Busting Moves


Back growth training is sometimes elusive for people. Everyone wants to have a big strong back, but they have no idea how to train with that goal in mind. Today I am going to show you back busting moves that will get your back growth training on target. A simple warning: this is going to be extremely intense. You are going to have to be willing to give it everything you … [Read more...]

Bring Up Lagging Body Parts


This article is a follow-up to my previous article shared during a Saturday Sharing. I am expanding upon the previous article which only touched upon training variables and how changing them up can help with lagging body parts. The following 7 tips will get your lagging body parts growing. Stress the Eccentric Contraction As I always say, it is all about the squeeze. Most of … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Full Body Assault


Full body workouts get maligned all the time as being "not enough" to grow muscle. In my experience this is just plain false. I have gotten some of the greatest gains using the full body approach. I will explain this to you and then show you an amazing full body workout that you can use to pack on muscle and improve strength. The Logistics of the Full Body Workout Most … [Read more...]