The 5 Best Back Training Exercises


There are so many back training exercises that it is almost impossible to pick just 5. I have a feeling there will be another set of posts following up on this one. Training your back is an important thing. We use our back all day long. By building stronger back muscles we make everyday life easier. Here are 5 great exercises for building back strength and mass. Pull … [Read more...]

Build a Bigger Chest Quickly


Who doesn't want a bigger chest? Well, ladies, even you do, but that's not what I am referring to. Anyone who hits a gym on a Monday int he United States will know that everyone wants a bigger chest. Monday's are National Chest Day in most gyms in America. Bigger Chest by Hitting the Angles As with any other body part, the varying angles you use will help you get a bigger … [Read more...]

How to Periodize Your Training


When you train it is easy to get stuck in a rut. If you periodize your training you present your body with new challenges and some variation. This helps to keep the momentum that you build as you go along. This will help you avoid plateaus completely when done correctly. I personally use periodization in my system all the time. What does it mean to periodize your training? In … [Read more...]

6 Ways Rest Changes Everything


Rest is something most people tend to overlook. They believe that if they take "some" time off or get "some" sleep that it is "good enough" but that couldn't be further from the truth. Rest is a variable that effects recovery, growth and future strength gains. The following are 6 ways rest can change everything. Maximize Recovery As soon as you complete a workout your body … [Read more...]

Life Changing Events that Hurt Your Momentum


There are many things in life that can get in the way of your bodybuilding momentum. How you react to these events is going to determine how well you succeed on the other side of the event. I can tell you that I have had both positive and negative experiences with life changing events and my bodybuilding momentum, so I feel like I am qualified to talk to you about this … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Lift Weights


Lifting weights is something that many people look on with scorn and disdain. I generally hear things like "I don't want to get big and disgusting like the bodybuilders in the magazines!" or "All I want to do is lose some fat!" or "I only want to be leaner." When I hear these objections to lifting weights I think of my 5 reasons to lift weights. You will lose more fat by … [Read more...]

Scale Weight or Inches: What to Look At?


Is the scale weight more important or the way my clothing fits? I hear the question all the time. Clients wanting to know which is more important, scale weight or the inches around their midsection. The answer is simple, but apparently not that obvious to most people. I am a strong believer in the need to train with weights no matter what your fitness goals. Most people … [Read more...]

How Does an Old Guy Get Lean?


When you go over the age of 40 building muscle and losing fat becomes more difficult if it hasn't already become a lifestyle for you. Testosterone levels are down and cortisol levels are up. These things conspire against you to keep the fat on your body. The fact that it is difficult to gain muscle at this age also contributes to the fat loss quandry. Following an 5 step … [Read more...]

Where is your heart?


Have you bothered to consider where your heart is? Are you training because you love it or at least because you want it or are you doing it for someone else? I think this is an important distinction and not many people bother to make the distinction. I see people who train because their doctor says they need to lose weight. I've seen people who train because their spouse is … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Ab Altering Moves


Core training is an important aspect of bodybuilding that many people overlook. Many people I talk to think they have no reason to train their core if they still have a big layer of fat covering it. The point is to work the core so that when your fat layer is gone you are showing some awesome abdominal muscles. In today's Monday Madness workout I am going to show you a great … [Read more...]