Biceps Training Basics

Basic Biceps Training

The basics of training your biceps are both simple and elusive at the same time. If you take the time to go back to the basics and apply these tips you will see growth in your biceps.

Always Squeeze Hard

As with any muscle group, one of the keys to good biceps training is to squeeze the muscle hard at the top of the movement. You need to move tghe muscle with good form and then squeeze extremely hard at the top. Squeeze hard enough that it hurts and feels like it is about to cramp. That will recruit maximum muscle fibers.

Move the Weight the Way the Muscle Moves

One of the things that surprised me when I learned to pose is how to properly do a double bicep pose. You have to push your shoulders back and twist your wrists back towards your shoulders. It is the same when you train your biceps. If you are doing a dumbbell curl, bring the weight up and at the top, turn your wrists so your pinky is facing upward. That will give your biceps a natural push and will help with the squeeze.

Train them Twice a Week

If your biceps are lagging there is nothing wrong with hitting them more than once a week. I started training mine twice a week about 3 weeks ago and have seen differences already. Make sure there is always at least 1 day between sessions, but it is just fine to train biceps twice a week.

Don’t Forget the Triceps

When aiming for an increase in bicep size, the triceps play an important role. When you increase the size of your triceps you also make your biceps look bigger because the triceps go under the biceps. Make sure to train your triceps hard. Follow the principle of squeezing the muscle hard. Make sure you push the weight with your triceps isolated. Don’t let other parts of your body assist with that movement.

Use These Basics

By using these basics you will be assured some great gains in your biceps. Push hard and follow the basic training principles I’ve presented here and you can’t help but do well in the gym.

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