Carb Up After Workout Shake

Today I show you how to make a great after workout shake for higher carb days. It tastes great and has some awesome ingredients.


1/2 cup of oats
8 oz. non-fat milk
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 medium banana
1 scoop whey protein (26 g.)


First you add 1/2 cup of oats to the blender.  Next, add 8 oz. of non-fat milk to the blender.  Next, add 1 cup of frozen blueberries.  Next, add one medium sized banana. Finally, add one scoop of whey protein.  Blend it all together and drink!

This smoothie is powerful. I use it on my Saturday carb up days after my training session. It helps guide my body in the right direction after a long week on low carb meals. This guy is a whopping 761 calories. It contains 39 g. of protein, 107 g. of carbs and just 9 g. of fat. This means this smoothie is 70% carbs, 20% protein and 10% fat. This is exactly what I am aiming for.

If the calories are too high simply cut back on the amount of ingredients you use.

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  • Personal Trainer Dallas

    I want to try this at hoe as well after my work at the office. It looks so yummy!

  • Personal Trainer Toronto

    I love to try this workout and even recommend to others! :)