Eat for Fuel

Eating for fuel is not a concept most people relish. Most people eat for pleasure purposes. They eat certain meals because they taste good or make them feel good. While this is fine in and of itself, if a person looks at food in this manner they will have a harder time losing weight when the time comes.

To the foodie, food is something they live for. They continually talk about how fantastic this food or that food is. They speak about the intense flavors they get when they eat certain items. They elevate food to almost God status.

To a bodybuilder, food is just fuel. It is something the body requires and really nothing more. This attitude is essential if you are going to survive eating nothing but chicken breast, brown rice and veggies. These things, while they can taste rather yummy when prepared properly, are not the most exciting foods in the world. However, they are all very effective at fueling the body. They help build muscle and burn fat.

This change in mindset is extremely important if you have alot of weight to lose. By having this attitude you won’t really crave anything. Afterall, why would you crave one fuel over another? They serve similar purposes, so it wouldn’t make any sense to crave one fuel over another. I will admit that it is probably alot easier to say than do.

I am one of the lucky people. I see food as fuel and nothing more. When people ask me what my favorite food is, I can never really give an answer. I look at food as something that keeps my body going from day to day. For the past 2 weeks I have eaten the exact same foods in the exact same order each and every day. This past week I dropped fruit from most of my meals. However, the meals are identical to what they were previously. It is just how I do it and it is working for me.

Thus, I suggest you try to change your mindset. Look at food differently and you may solve some of your nutritional issues.

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