Fat Loss III A – Return to Hell

I got up today with an excited feeling, knowing I’d be going in to lift again!  I drove to the gym and visualized myself doing the workout.

This phase is Fat Loss III from The New Rules of Lifting and it involves doing giant sets–4 exercises done without rest like one giant superset.  It then calls for a 60 second rest before repeating the cycle.  The visualization was to help me with motivation once inside the gym.

I took the time to set up my various equipment for the first giant set.  I racked up the warm up weights and did 3 sets.  I then got to work.  Remember, no rest between exercises and 60 seconds between giant sets

 Exercise  Results (Weight/Sets/Reps)
 Deadlift      185 x 2 x 10
175 x 2 x 10
 Explosive Pushups  BW x 4 x 10
 Bulgarian Split Squats   20 x 4 x 10
 2 Point Bent Row  35 x 4 x 10
 Deadlift from a box  135 x 2 x 10
 Dumbbell Bench Press     60 x 2 x 10
 Walking lunges  20 x 2 x 10
 Seated Cable Row  135 x 2 x 10

I learned an important lesson today about how well we all should know our bodies by this point.  I have trained my body for 17 months at this point.  I know what it can and can’t take.  For instance, I hadn’t done any dumbbell bench press movements in several months, but instinctively knew 60 pounds would work.  At the same time, when I got done with the first set of the second gian set series, I knew there was no way I’d complete 4 sets (which is what my workout log said I needed to complete).  I decided that 2 giant sets would suffice and that if need be, I’d adjust the next workout accordingly.  I got home and looked up the phase in The New Rules of Lifting book and was surprised to see that it only called for 2 giant sets of the second group!

Right now I feel really pumped.  That workout knocked me on my butt.  Two types of deadlifts in one workout is serious work for the lower back.  The deadlift from a box really forced me to keep my stomach muscles tight.  I could feel a stretch there.  Allegedly, doing the deadlift from a box will help make the regular deadlift easier.  We shall see what happens.  The Bulgarian split squats are alot less difficult when you remove the overhead press from the mix. 

I will be doing my measurements and posting pictures again later today. 

One last thing–I am doing this blog to have a source of accountability.  Please let me know you’re reading what I’m writing by posting comments.  It really helps me stay motivated when I know someone will be looking at my pictures and judging my progress.  I work really hard at this and while I’m not always happy with the results I produce, I do analyze the results and make changes where necessary. 

Thanks to Adam Waters for the mention in his blog!  What a motivator to know that he has taken notice of my situation.

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