Getting Comfortable is Good

Comfort Zone

Getting comfortable is sometimes seen as a term that is bad. In fact, it can definitely be bad when used in certain contexts. However, when used in the right context, getting comfortable is good.

When is Comfortable Bad

If you are getting comfortable with your workout routine to the point where you just do the same thing each time, that’s a bad thing. When getting comfortable means settling into a routine, that’s a bad thing. When getting comfortable means you do your cardio at an easy pace without pushing yourself, that’s a bad thing.

When we take the time to hit the gym and train, getting into a comfort zone is a bad thing. We want to always be pushing the limits so that we can see the changes we desire.

When Getting Comfortable is Good

I competed in my second bodybuilding competition this past weekend. It brought back to the surface all of the emotions I went through the first time. I was remembering very clearly the things I had gone through the first time–good and bad. However, I immediately noticed a change in several areas.

  1. I was comfortable with the environment. I didn’t feel like I was completely out of place and I understood the process that I was going through.
  2. I was comfortable with getting on the stage. I had been through this before and processed it many times in my mind since. I was able to get up on stage and not fear a thing.
  3. I was comfortable with my posing routine. I had been so focused this time on building muscle that I neglected coming up with a specific posing routine. I did my thing off the cuff. I managed to get the crowd involved and completely enjoyed the experience.
  4. I was comfortable with my competitiveness. Going in I knew I was not a favorite to win. At the same time, I was comfortable enough with the changes I’d made that I knew I’d be way more competitive this time around. It served to ease my nerves.

The Comfort Zone Changes

It seems odd, but changing my comfort level changed my comfort zone completely. I felt better about the entire process. I enjoyed it all so much more than I had previously. This type of comfort builds confidence.

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