How to Use One Arm and Increase Intensity

How to Use One Arm for Intensity

As you know if you read this blog on a regular basis, I am always looking for ways to increase the intensity of my training. I am now a strong believer that the more intense your training the better your results will be. Recently I have discovered how important it is to use just one arm on certain exercises in order to increase the intensity of your training.

One area I have been focused on in my training is my chest. To work on that area, I have focused on getting some incredible squeeze when working that body part. In addition, I have added some exercises that allow me to use one arm. One major tool I’ve been utilizing of late (thanks to Ken Turchek and Phil Heath) is the Hammer machine.

Hammer Chest Machine

What I do is keep my elbow in close to my body and use one arm at a time. I squeeze hard at the top of the movement and hold for 2 seconds. When I am done with one arm I switch to the other arm and repeat the process. It has really worked to build up my chest quite a bit.

You can also do dumbbell presses for your chest one arm at a time as well. Just be sure to squeeze hard at the top of the movement. Focus on the form and the rest will come.

For the back I enjoy using the Hammer machine row. I handle it the same was as the chest–one arm at a time with a strong squeeze at the top of the movement.

One thing to help you with intensity is to remember that even one arm movements can be changed up. You can do all one side and then the other side or you can alternate sides. Your body will respond differently to the different approaches. Again, it is all about the form. Make sure you are squeezing hard. That will increase the intensity of your training.

If you have any tips for increasing the intensity of your training, please leave a comment below.

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