Mission 1, Day 1: Group Shred Begins!

Today is an exciting day for me!  It is the first day of the Group Shred with Adam Waters.  You can follow all the shredders at Adam’s Real Time Physique Blog.  It is also the first day of my first 100 Day Mission. 

When I read Adam’s challenge I knew I had to do it, but as I got to thinking about it, why stop at 14 days?  Why not break my next year’s efforts into 3 100 day periods?  So, today also begins Mission #1–the first 100 day challenge.  I will be documenting the progress I am making via daily picture uploads viewable on this blog.

Today was a cardio only day for me.  I hit the gym early and did 5 intervals of HIIT (5 minute warm-up, 5 intervals where I go all out for 1 minute and then back off a little for 2 minutes, 5 minute cool down) for 25 minutes total cardio today.  It felt great to know that today is the first day of the rest of my life as far as fitness is concerned.

I’ve been pretty focused the past 100 days, but I am not getting the results I’d like (as you would know if you have been reading my blog–as you should!).  I contacted Chad Tackett from Global Fitness and he got me started on cycling my carbs regularly.  That has worked for the past 2 weeks and so I’m focused on that.  Chad told me that 90% of the results we get comes from our nutrition, so I’m staying focused on that.

I’m getting alot of compliments on how my general physical condition has changed.  Some people say I “look healthier” while others say I look “more muscular” so I’m guessing that my exercise regimen is working.

Let’s see what I can do the next 100 days.  I will be posting the Day 1 picture alongside the current day’s picture as I go through this process.  I hope you will encourage me along the way and hold me accountable.  As Adam says, eat clean, shred hard and think big!

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