Mission Accountability: Weekly Update #1

Mission Accountability has been going strong, but I have not been getting the accountability I’d like from the people in my social media circles. I even tried running a Mission Accountability contest, but that failed as well. For now I will just go to posting weekly updates here every Sunday. For those who are interested in following my progress, you will be able to do so here and at http://socialmahony.com.

I just entered a new cycle of the TNB Workout. I changed up the workouts quite a bit. While I am not hitting body parts more frequently, I am hitting them now with different exerciss. For instance, I took out flat barbeell bench press and substituted flat dumbbell bench press. I replaced bent over rows with seated cable rows. Each substitution was carefully considered. I selected only exercises that would hit my muscles hard, but in the same order as previous weeks on TNB.

My nutrition was not the best over the 4th of July weekend, so I went into Physique Transformation Momentum Regaining mode. I cut the carbs way down and the calories are fluctuated each day (up and down). I did this for one 5 day cycle. I managed to reignite some fat burning as a result. It is always good to have these types of tools in your tool belt for situations like this. All it takes is some experimentation with your body to see how it reacts.

My cardio wasn’t there this week (it never seems to be) but I have an idea for this coming week that will get it to where I want it. Now that I have my nutrition and weight training dialed in, I need to get my cardio training dialed in as well.

I am without my training partner this week as Matty is at CIY (Christ in Youth) with his high school church group. I am very proud of how dedicated he is to that program, but will miss having him to push me this week.

I look forward to another wonderful week of training. What are your goals this week? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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