Saturday Sharing – Episode 3

Saturday Sharing

Today I’d like to share with you my 6 favorite back exercises for mass building. Your job is to leave your own list of 6 items in the comments or on your own blog that relate to the topic this week. If you decide to put the list on your own blog, be sure to leave a comment with a link to your blog. Please note that permission is NOT granted top copy the question to a forum or message board for the purpose of having the readers participate in the answering of the topic.

Topic for Saturday, February 18, 2012: Favorite back exercises for mass building.

  1. Deadlift
  2. Bent over barbell row
  3. Seated Cable Row
  4. T-Bar Row
  5. 2 arm standing bent dumbbell row
  6. One arm lat pull down

If you have a Saturday Sharing you’d like to see, send me an email. I would love to feature it in the future.

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