Shaving Body Hair for a Show

Shaving Body HairShaving body hair for a competition is something all bodybuilders go through. As you know, I am preparing for a show in April 2012. My advisor informed me that he wanted me to begin shaving down so that I could take better care of my skin. The prospect of shaving off my body hair was daunting at best because I have a lot of it!

I began my assignment of shaving body hair by doing some research on Google. I came up with many interesting articles on the topic. They all seemed to suggest using clippers to get off the majority of the hair and then following up later with a razor. Thus, I purchased a set of clippers from for my project.

When the clippers arrived I read all the instructions. I then went to work following the advice of others about shaving body hair. I started by shaving down my legs. It was going to be a four day process all told. I used strictly the clippers and got my leg hair down to a very small length. The next evening I shaved my upper body with the clippers. It felt strange to be without my body hair. On the third night I used the razor and shaved my legs of all the stubble that had developed. Finally, on the fourth night, I shaved my upper body with the razor.

I have now gone an entire week without body hair. It is an odd feeling. I have had to shave just one more time to remove stubble, so it appears that this is going to be a weekly thing for me. That’s not bad considering what I expected (multiple times a week).

Shaving body hair is a necessary evil if you want to compete in a show. I have been asked why I did it so early. There are two answers: (1) my advisor said to do it; and (2) it enables me to take better care of my skin. I can now apply skin lotion to my arms and legs without the body hair getting in the way. I am already seeing a difference in my skin as a result. We men tend to not take as good care of our skin as we should and it shows when you remove the body hair.

At this point I am sold on the idea. I am doing whatever it takes to win this competition in April 2012. This was just another step in the process. Be aware of this if you ever consider doing a show.

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