Squatting for Bigger Quads


Bigger quads means move intense training. The best way I have found to get bigger quads is to squat often and squat heavy. Let’s look at how you can squat for bigger quads

How to Squat

Squatting looks easy, but it requires a lot of technique. You start by setting the bar at a height just below shoulder level. Grip the bar with both hands and squeeze your shoulder blades together. This will create a little ledge upon which you can set the bar. Get under the bar and set it on the little ledge you just created. Lift the weight off the rack and squeeze your abdominal muscles tightly. Keep your  back straight and find a spot in front of you to focus on. While using a hinge motion, slowly lower the weight until your quads are parallel to the ground. Using hip drive, push the weight back up. Repeat this motion until you can no longer rise out of the bottom of the motion.

Why Squat

Bigger quads require great muscle stimulation. The squat provides the best stimulation to the quad muscles enabling bigger quads. Be sure to start out slowly, but add weight as you are able to handle more and more. If you want bigger quads you have to check the ego at the door. It is more important to get continual stress on the muscle and getting injured will stop that from happening.

5×5 Training

If you want bigger quads, if that is your focus, try a 5×5 training program. There are a multitude of them available. Consistently using one of these programs will cause your squat numbers to grow and that will give you bigger quads in the end.  Give one of these programs a try for 12 weeks. Stick to it. You are going to hear people tell you how dumb it is. Don’t listen. Just stay consistent and in the end your goal of bigger quads will be achieved.

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