Stop Lying to Yourself

In my previous post Reevaluate and Be Real With Yourself I discussed the issues involved in holding yourself accountable. This is some important information because of the Mission Accountability I have embarked upon. There are several steps that you must follow. The first step is probably the most difficult.

Stop Lying to Yourself

Like anything else, nothing is going to change until you admit that there is a problem. You have no reason to change something if you don’t perceive it as a problem. This is why lying to oneself is so dangerous. At first you lie and you consciously understand that it is a lie. Over time the lies become the truth to your subconscious. At that point, you believe the lies and thus, have no reason to change anything.

This is why your nutrition never quite makes it to where it needs to be. You convince yourself that you’ve done a good job even when you are not. Your workouts are not as intense as they could be because you go easy and become convinced that you’ve worked as hard as you can. There is no substitute for clean eating and hard training.

Be Real

We all have our limitations. Our job is to figure out that limitations and include them into our planning process. Don’t take on more than you are able to. If you make huge promises that you cannot keep it will cause you to start lying to yourself. You will want to look as though you are accomplishing all of your goals, so you will find ways to convince everyone that you are. Stop the vicious cycle you are in. Be real and the rest will happen naturally.

If you admit that you have certain foods that you have a hard time avoiding you will be able to plan your eating so that you get those foods, but in moderation. I was recently involved in a discussion with some other people trying to get in shape and was given some awesome advice. Let’s say that chips are your weakness (they are mine). If you start craving chips, wait until after a workout and then have a small portion. Because of the anabolic state your body will be in at the time, the chips won’t matter as much to your diet. You will handle the craving and be able to move on.

I’ve spent the past 11 days eating healthy. I have only had one issue with cravings (potato chips) while in WalMart shopping with the family. I simply removed myself from the aisle that contained the chips and the craving went away.This is why the approach is so important.

It Breeds Consistency

By stopping the cycle of lying to yourself you are starting a cycle of consistency. You will be able to tackle the real problems you are facing. Would you go to the doctor and lie about your symptoms? Not if you expect the doctor to be able to help you. So why go to the gym and lie about what you need?

You cannot train properly if you don’t admit the mistakes you are making in the gym. I believe in leaving everything on the gym floor. I train with as much intensity as I can muster. I get in the gym, work hard, lift heavy and then go home feeling exhausted, but satisfied. As a result, I’ve seen results that I would never have seen had I taken another approach. I talk all about this in my article Going to Failure.

How to Stop?

Just do it. Make a vow to be 100% honest with yourself and it will happen. Don’t ever let yourself off the hook. If you slip up, forgive and get back on track. After all, your health is far too important a thing to mess with. Pick yourself up and stop the lying. You will be happy with the results you produce from that point forward.

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