How to Break Your Goals into Manageable Pieces


Goal setting is a process. I have been attempting to teach that to you over the past month with my articles on Setting Goals for Fitness and Bodybuilding, My Goal Planning Analyzed Step-by-Step, and How to Set Long Term Goals. Today I want to discuss how to break your goal into manageable pieces and why that matters. Long Term Goal = Daunting Task As discussed in a previous … [Read more...]

Holiday Tips – 2014 Edition


This is the time of the year where most people get concerned about weight gain. Many people get depressed because they fail to achieve unrealistic holiday goals. They eat their way through the holidays, planning to lose it all after the New Year holiday. Many New Years resolutions have their origins in what happens during the holiday season. What follows are seven awesome … [Read more...]

How to Set Long Term Goals


In order to set long term goals effectively you need to have a process you follow religiously. I mapped out how to start with that in my previous article (My Goal Planning Analyzed Step-by-Step). To set long term goals means to be forced to plan for the future. Planning is the key to all success when trying to transform your body. Use the SMART System for Setting Goals The … [Read more...]

My Weight Training Methods, Part 2

weight training methods

There are many different weight training methods that bring about decent results. My own weight training methods have been evolving. I have learned that no single method works for me. In fact, there are even variations of methods that work as well.  You truly need to conduct the Experiment of One to determine what really works for you. That is the only real way to know what … [Read more...]

My Goal Planning Analyzed Step-by-Step


My goal planning process is simple and an analysis of it is going to help you understand how to set and meet your own goals. I published an article (Setting Goals for Fitness and Bodybuilding) this past week that touches on the topic, but for the next few weeks I will be looking at goal setting. It is an important topic with so many people in love with New Year's resolutions … [Read more...]

Setting Goals for Fitness and Bodybuilding


What are your bodybuilding and fitness goals? Is one of your goals to "lose weight" or maybe to "tone up" or possibly to "get leaner"? Are you going to try to "lift heavy" or "workout more"? If these are your current goals then you really need to keep reading. Goals Should Be SMART A goal is a road map to success. As such, goals should be SMART -- Specific, Measureable, … [Read more...]

My Training Methods, Part 1


Over the years I have evolved my training methods based upon things I have learned about my body. As I find things that work I try to further refine the techniques to see if I can squeeze even more out of them. I work on things not only with weight training, but cardio as well. Some things I have taken away from my experiments are that you must change things up regularly and … [Read more...]

Are Carbs Evil?


The debate continues to rage on. Are carbs the enemy or are they your friend? I have my opinions and I am going to share them in this article. You may agree with me and you may not agree with me, but please give some thought to what I am about to share with you. I personally subscribe to the theory that it is the timing of nutrients that matter. Carbs by themselves are not … [Read more...]

The Mass Gain Mission


I am about to embark on a Mass Gain Mission that will last 16 weeks. It starts on May 4, 2014 and ends on August 23, 2014. The goal will be to gain as much mass as possible while also ridding myself of body fat. I will be following a very strict training and supplementation program. I will document the entire process for a future book on the topic of getting in shape after 40. … [Read more...]

Fast Fat Loss Launch


Yesterday I posted my stats for the Fast Fat Loss challenge. As explained, the idea of this challenge is to burn as much fat as I humanly can in the next 31 days. I want to do this the right way so that I can be an example for others. It is not going to be about starving myself or doing excessive cardio. I am going to prove the principles that I know work. I am using a full … [Read more...]