How to Periodize Your Training


When you train it is easy to get stuck in a rut. If you periodize your training you present your body with new challenges and some variation. This helps to keep the momentum that you build as you go along. This will help you avoid plateaus completely when done correctly. I personally use periodization in my system all the time. What does it mean to periodize your training? In … [Read more...]

My Focus Journal Entry #1


This entry is not going to be for everyone. As I embark on my mission to regain focus I figured I would journal the progress here on Fitness Expose. Thus, if you are not interested in personal details move on to another article. However, I think that by sharing my thoughts and progress with all of you it is going to be a learning experience for anyone who reads this. My … [Read more...]

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals


Do you get bored with your goals? It is important to stay focused in order to accomplish what you set out to accomplish. You have to dig deep to get through the times when boredom sets in. These simple tips will help you stay focused on your goals. Concentrate on 1 to 3 goals at a time Perhaps you are spreading yourself too thin? Pick 1 to 3 goals and then concentrate on … [Read more...]

Steps to Regaining Focus

regaining focus

We all experience it. The need for regaining focus in our fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle. Things happen to derail us along the way and regaining focus becomes a priority. These are the steps to regaining focus. Realize that you have truly lost focus. Like trying to kick an addiction, coming to a clear realization that you have lost focus is one key to successfully … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: My Opinion on HIT Training


HIT training (High Intensity Training) is a weight training principle that gets very little respect in the bodybuilding community, but was used by some big names to achieve a tremendous physique. Those of you reading this site for any amount of time know that I believe in the Experiment of One. I have personally used HIT to get some incredible results. I always seem to go back … [Read more...]

How to Track Your Goal Progress


In order to achieve them you must track your goal progress. It seems intuitive, but so many people fail to do this very simple step that will improve goal completion rate tremendously. If you don't measure it you cannot manage it. That's a fact of life. Write Your Goals Down As already discussed in this series of articles on goals, writing them down is the initial step … [Read more...]

How to Break Your Goals into Manageable Pieces


Goal setting is a process. I have been attempting to teach that to you over the past month with my articles on Setting Goals for Fitness and Bodybuilding, My Goal Planning Analyzed Step-by-Step, and How to Set Long Term Goals. Today I want to discuss how to break your goal into manageable pieces and why that matters. Long Term Goal = Daunting Task As discussed in a previous … [Read more...]

Holiday Tips – 2014 Edition


This is the time of the year where most people get concerned about weight gain. Many people get depressed because they fail to achieve unrealistic holiday goals. They eat their way through the holidays, planning to lose it all after the New Year holiday. Many New Years resolutions have their origins in what happens during the holiday season. What follows are seven awesome … [Read more...]

How to Set Long Term Goals


In order to set long term goals effectively you need to have a process you follow religiously. I mapped out how to start with that in my previous article (My Goal Planning Analyzed Step-by-Step). To set long term goals means to be forced to plan for the future. Planning is the key to all success when trying to transform your body. Use the SMART System for Setting Goals The … [Read more...]