Are Carbs Evil?


The debate continues to rage on. Are carbs the enemy or are they your friend? I have my opinions and I am going to share them in this article. You may agree with me and you may not agree with me, but please give some thought to what I am about to share with you. I personally subscribe to the theory that it is the timing of nutrients that matter. Carbs by themselves are not … [Read more...]

The Mass Gain Mission


I am about to embark on a Mass Gain Mission that will last 16 weeks. It starts on May 4, 2014 and ends on August 23, 2014. The goal will be to gain as much mass as possible while also ridding myself of body fat. I will be following a very strict training and supplementation program. I will document the entire process for a future book on the topic of getting in shape after 40. … [Read more...]

Fast Fat Loss Launch


Yesterday I posted my stats for the Fast Fat Loss challenge. As explained, the idea of this challenge is to burn as much fat as I humanly can in the next 31 days. I want to do this the right way so that I can be an example for others. It is not going to be about starving myself or doing excessive cardio. I am going to prove the principles that I know work. I am using a full … [Read more...]

Getting Back on the Wagon


The above pictures embarrass me, but at the same time I am glad that this is where I am starting. I have launched the Fast Fat Loss Challenge (sign up at because I knew something was wrong and that I needed more motivation. As it turns out I have gained 6% body fat. I am now at 21%. It bothers me, but it is what it is. I am going to burn … [Read more...]

When is the Right Time to Train?


When is the right time to train? That's a question so many people ask, but the answer can go two ways--the best time for your body and the best time for you. The Best Time for Your Body Studies seem to indicate that working out late afternoon is the best for your body. You are stronger, your muscles are more warmed up and limber and you've had time to eat some food. Your body … [Read more...]

How a Training Partner Saves the Day


I have discussed in the past the problems I have had staying motivated and hitting the gym. I got through the toughest stretch of training in my life through the help of a training partner. For me the training partner saves the day. Consistency When you have someone expecting you at the gym you find a way to get there. You are less likely to miss a session when you need to … [Read more...]

My Struggles With Training


I love to train. I really do. I love how it makes me feel when I am doing it. I love the sore muscles afterwards. I love the extra energy it gives me. At the same time, I was just like every other "normal" person out there and completely fell off the training bandwagon. I trained every single day for 2 years straight. I saw some amazing results. I had things showing up on my … [Read more...]

How to Set Goals That Keep You Motivated


Motivation is a problem for many people. I know it has been in the past for me. The key here is that my motivation problems are now a thing of the past. We often hear that we should set goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method to stay motivated. While I mostly agree with the S.M.A.R.T. approach, I believe that things should be handled one bite at a time. Keep It Small Most people go … [Read more...]

Getting It Done When You’re Ready to Quit


Have you ever had one of those workouts where you had the entire thing planned and then, while doing the workout, you wanted to go home and just end the entire workout? I'm sure you have if you've been training for any length of time. The key to those situations is in how you deal with them as they come up. Baby Steps I tell my clients to handle these issues using baby steps. … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: Does It Matter Where You Train?


Does it matter where you train? Is it possible that your environment changes how you train? Before some recent events I would not have thought so, but my mind is now made up. During my initial bodybuilding contest preparation cycle I trained 3 times a week at Metroflex Long Beach. I did all my cardio exercise at 24 Hour Fitness. I really gave the environment very little … [Read more...]