Tracking Body Measurements for Success


When you are travelling somewhere you can take many roads to get to where you are going. I personally use an app called Waze to cut down my driving time. When trying to transform your physique, tracking body measurements is like using Waze. We are all going to produce results--positive and negative--by the activities we partake in. If you take the time to plan then you … [Read more...]

My Focus Journal Entry #10


This week we changed up a couple of variables--longer and more frequent cardio sessions along with a new approach to weight training. The changes produced some very positive results. Body weight: 256.8 (up 3.4 lbs) Body Fat %: 18.7% (down 1.3%) Reduced my chest by 0.5 inches Reduced my abdominal area by 0.25 inches I feel good and strong, but I am very sure I am … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: Showing Anger at the Gym


Showing anger at the gym has become common-place. Today I have a rant all about this problem. You see, I completely understand intensity can cause outbursts. I completely disagree with the Planet Fitness approach to training. At the same time, I don't believe our outbursts at the gym should be putting other people in danger. Take the following as an example of what I … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Coach


Why do you need a coach? I am not talking about a personal trainer here. I definitely believe in personal trainers, but I also think that soemone who has lofty physique goals should have a coach. The reasons are numerous. Accoutability Perhaps the most obvious reason to have a coach is accountability. Everyone does better when they have a coach to hold them accountable. The … [Read more...]

A Trip Down Memory Lane


Sometimes I am asked how I got into bodybuilding. It is a difficult question to answer and an easy question to answer at the same time. The answer is a little complicated, but not entirely unique. Throughout my life I admired the physiques I would see in bodybuilding magazines. I can remember looking at older copies of Muscle & Fitness magazine and wondering how I could … [Read more...]

My Focus Journal Entry #8


Training this week was phenomenal! I focused on getting a good pump by squeezing hard on every repetition. This caused me to miss some of my prescribed numbers, but I saw an increase in DOMs so I feel like maybe this was needed. Honestly, I didn't feel much like training this week and when that happens I get back into it by experiencing every single repetition. I do this … [Read more...]

Some Unsolicited Advice


Unsolicited advice. We've all gotten some and we've all wanted to give some. The question becomes “Should advice be offered when not requested?” The secondary question is how I personally feel about it. This is where things become murky for me. Offering Unsolicited Advice This is an area I often struggle with. I see someone at the gym and they are doing an exercise entirely … [Read more...]

My Focus Journal Entry #7


This week my calories were lowered by 200. It is always a bit of a struggle at first because I am very good at dialing in my calories and then knowing exactly what to eat to hit them. This change will take me a week or so to get used to. In the mean time I am keeping very careful track of what goes into my mouth so that I don't exceed my calories. I did have one day this … [Read more...]

My Focus Journal Entry #6


Wow, what a week! I finished my 4th microcycle with Coach Ryan Miller. While I am not going to reveal workouts and specific advice he has given me, I can say that his program is working for me. Here are some max lift numbers on core lifts that should blow your mind. Core Lift 1/4/2015 2/1/2015 % inc/dec Back Squat 320 lbs. 350 lbs. +9% Incline BB … [Read more...]