Musclecast Episode #1: Regaining Focus

regaining focus Welcome to Musclecast Episode #1. This episode is all about regaining focus. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we fall off the wagon. The important thing is to pick ourselves back up and get to work regaining focus. It can be difficult unless you do it consciously. To me regaining focus … [Read more...]

My Weight Training Methods, Part 2

weight training methods

There are many different weight training methods that bring about decent results. My own weight training methods have been evolving. I have learned that no single method works for me. In fact, there are even variations of methods that work as well.  You truly need to conduct the Experiment of One to determine what really works for you. That is the only real way to know what … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Barbell Complexes for Muscle Mass


Whether you are trying to lose fat or gain muscle, barbell complexes are something you can't go wrong with. They work for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike. In addition to working quite well, barbell complexes also speed up your workout, allowing you to spend less time at the gym. Barbell complexes also make your time in the gym simple because you  just need the … [Read more...]

Feedback: Can You Help Me Out?


Thank you for reading this post. To keep it really simple, I am looking to get some feedback on Fitness Expose. I want to know what topics you'd like covered. I want to know what would make you come back every day and what would make you participate in discussions via the comments on each post. I want your feedback on making this a top bodybuilding site. Use the form below … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: My Rant Bad Bodybuilding Information

bodybuilding rant

The bodybuilding industry is huge and everyone wants a piece of the action. The internet makes it easy to share information and find information. As a result, there has been a huge influx of terrible bodybuilding information on the web. When I started this site, Fitness Expose, my intention was to create a sort of consumer reports for bodybuilding and fitness. While that … [Read more...]

Cardio Techniques: Steady State Cardio


In the coming weeks I am going to reveal to you some well-known and lesser known cardio techniques to help scorch the fat from your body quickly. Steady state cardio is the first technique I will address. This type of cardio involves a steady pace over a particular period of time. I am going to share the technique with you and how to master it. Steady State Cardio Remains at … [Read more...]

My Goal Planning Analyzed Step-by-Step


My goal planning process is simple and an analysis of it is going to help you understand how to set and meet your own goals. I published an article (Setting Goals for Fitness and Bodybuilding) this past week that touches on the topic, but for the next few weeks I will be looking at goal setting. It is an important topic with so many people in love with New Year's resolutions … [Read more...]

The Key to Big Biceps


Not long ago I did an article on training biceps for size. One thing I purposely left off that article was the actual key for getting big biceps. It is something advanced trainers know (or should know) and beginners mostly do not know. In fact, this key will come as a huge surprise to many people. The key to getting huge arms is to not ignore your triceps. The Anatomy of the … [Read more...]

Weekend Warriors: Why They Wind Up Injured


So many people do nothing all week and then participate in sports on the weekend. These are people we refer to as "Weekend Warriors".  The problem is that so many of these weekend warriors wind up injured. Whether it is overuse injuries or something more severe, these injuries occur because of lack of conditioning, lack of warm up time or lack of strength and endurance to … [Read more...]

Getting Lean and the Bodybuilding Community


Getting lean is something most people want to do. How many of you want 6-pack abs? That's part of getting lean. The goals you have will undoubtedly have something related to getting lean. How many of you with the goal of getting lean have actually paid attention to the bodybuilding community and what they have to say on the topic? The Bodybuilding Community Perspective on … [Read more...]