Kick Up Your Cardio to Burn Fat

It took me some time to figure out, and I know this may seem stupid, but all 3 elements of fitness programs must align for there to be maximum success–weight training, nutrition and cardio training. I am now kicking up my cardio training to a new level to maximize fat loss.

I have never been very good about cardio training consistency. I mean well, but I never quite accomplish my goals. I have examined my thinking and have decided to push it to another level effective immediately. I gave a lot of thought to my past efforts. I looked over logs of when I was the most consistent with my cardio and figured out the keys tom what I believe will be my success.

Not enough cardio

The first thing I noticed is that I don’t do enough cardio. I am bad at completing it when I give myself a smaller cardio schedule. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but when I lighten up my cardio schedule I tend to skip it. That’s why I’m going back to 6 days a week of cardio.

Increasing the cardio schedule to decrease the skipped workouts

It may not make sense at first glance, but once I explain it should be an “aha” moment for you. If I only schedule 3 or 4 sessions weekly,i can convince myself to skip one of them because my thought process is that I can always make it up on one of the other days. However, the make ups never happen.

If I load up the schedule with 6 sessions a week, I have no room for make ups, so my attitude is that I MUST complete each training session. I leave myself zero wiggle room.

My plan

I am now going to do 6 days of cardio every week, taking Sunday as a full rest day. On some days I may double up on my cardio if I feel it is required. My main objective is to get it done.

Today I completed a 2 mile morning run. It is the start of going down the right path. What are your cardio challenges?

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