Momentum Changing Mental Attitude

The idea of maintaining your momentum in the fitness arena is something most people don’t think about. This is a key element to reaching your goals. There are far too many things that can get in the way of your momentum that the topic is one you must address if you hope to be a success at body transformation.

I woke up this morning with a severe pain in my right ankle. It was slightly swollen and extremely stiff and sore. I was not able to put too much weight on it. Because of this I had to cancel my morning training session. I took some ibuprofen, elevated the leg and put ice on it. In an hour or so the swelling came down and the pain was lessened. I then took advantage of the situation and rotated the joint to loosen it up. Things began feeling much better.

As I drove to my client I began to think about the momentum I was about to lose. I have not missed a training session since July 2011. My mind began to think of rational reasons why skipping the training was ok. Afterall, my ankle was messed up and I wasn’t able to get to my normal training session. It was then that the concept hit me hard.

Yes, I had missed my “regular” training session, but there are still hours left in the day. I began to take my mental attitude in a different direction. I began to think about how I could maintain the momentum I built up already. I concluded that I will hit the gym later in the day and workout my chest and shoulders as scheduled. I won’t allow this small bump in the road to stop my momentum.

The lesson to learn here is that your mental attitude is going to determine whether or not you lose momentum. By taking control of that mental attitude your will go a long way towards maintaining your momentum. I believe that nobody will argue when I say that momentum is important to progress. Don’t let your mental attitude stop your momentum. When pushed off your normal path, find other ways to maintain your momentum. The more you do this the better  you will get at it. Leave me a comment about how you maintain your momentum.

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  • Paula

    This post is about one of my most persistent issues. I am not very good at maintaining my momentum. If I miss a workout, chances are I’ll miss a couple more before I work out again, because it isn’t easy to find the time. So i have to catch myself before i start to think it’s OK to miss.

  • Michael Mahony

    This is a very common problem for people and generally stems from not cutting the goal into smaller, more manageable chunks. This is why I believe in the “one day at a time” approach. If you do it that way you can more easily pick yourself up and move on when you miss a workout.