Favorite Bodybuilding Podcasts


Bodybuilding is one of my favorite topics (obviously) and with the introduction of podcasts it is easier than ever to get your hands on bodybuilding information. I am going to simply list out my favorite bodybuilding podcasts. Feel free to look these up or follow the links I've provided. If you enjoy bodybuilding you will enjoy each of these podcasts. Pro Bodybuilding … [Read more...]

Skp LaCour’s Bodybuilding and Training Talk Radio Show: A Podcast Review


When I began my journey into the world of bodybuilding I was quickly introduced to two resources: (1) Marc David's No Bull Bodybuilding; and (2) Skip La Cour's Bodybuilding and Training podcast. I am thankful for both of these resources as they have formed a solid foundation for my bodybuilding lifestyle. When I speak to other aspiring bodybuilders I tend to feel like a genius, … [Read more...]

Why Y3T was my training choice

Why Y3T?

During my preparation for my second bodybuilding contest I knew that I would have to work hard to put on mass. Now I am a strong believer in trying and tweaking things that work for others. Yes, I said tweaking. I know that may upset some, but I will explain in the course of this article why I think tweaking is important and what, if anything, I tweaked in Y3T. The Need Was … [Read more...]

Average Guy’s Guide to Supplements

Average Guy's Guide to Supplements

As an average guy who started training about 6 years ago, I have done a lot of research into supplementation. Most of the current bodybuilding magazines are just one big advertisement for supplement companies. They all want you to believe that their supplement is the magic bullet you’ve been looking for. The supplement industry is huge as a result. Everyone wants to take a pill … [Read more...]

My Idea of Great Music for Lifting


I find that the music I listen to changes the intensity I train with. I react differently to different types of music. For weight training I really like hard and heavy music. People generally don’t believe me when they hear about the music I listen to. The following is an actual playlist on my iPhone’s Spotify account that I use to train with major intensity. Metal Workout Mix … [Read more...]

Why Would a Gym Disrespect a Bodybuilder?


If you watch The Biggest Loser you've no doubt seen the commercials for Planet Fitness. What I cannot understand is why a gym would ever disrespect a bodybuilder. It honestly makes very little sense to me. If I owned a gym I'd practically beg bodybuilders to come in and represent me. People join gyms so that they can look like these guys. Why show them such disrespect? Planet … [Read more...]

8 Tools for Total Gym Domination


Everyone who likes to train and go hard has their favorite tools. My gym tool belt includes 8 tools for total gym domination.   Arm Blaster. This thing helps you keep your elbows back and stops you from using momentum when doing any curling exercises for your biceps. While it is a newer tool in my tool belt, it has been quite effective.   Quad Blaster. This one … [Read more...]

The Fat Burning Machine Merges!


Since 2007 I have maintained a blog at http://www.thefatburningmachineblog.com and have finally decided that it would be best to merge that site with this one.  My focus has been more on this site and all the ideas I have revolve around this site, so to save some money, I recently imported all the posts from that site to this one.  You can reach these posts at The Fat Burning … [Read more...]

Linking Logically

As a fitness guru wannabe, I spend alot of time reading books and websites on fitness.  This article is going to be nothing but book recommendations and links.  Enjoy! Books to Read The New High Intensity Training: The Best Muscle Building  System You’ve Never Tried by Ellington Darden Great book about High Intensity Training.  Darden gives you the … [Read more...]

Fitness Expose Recommends #1 – Tom Venuto Interviews Carlos DeJesus


Tom Venuto has just posted a podcast with a very good friend of mine, my mentor, Carlos DeJesus.  I heard this podcast in advance of it actually being released and I can say that it contains some information everyone needs to know.  Here is what Tom says about the podcast: Did you ever wonder what it takes to be a national and world bodybuilding champion without steroids? How … [Read more...]