Favorite Bodybuilding Podcasts


Bodybuilding is one of my favorite topics (obviously) and with the introduction of podcasts it is easier than ever to get your hands on bodybuilding information. I am going to simply list out my favorite bodybuilding podcasts. Feel free to look these up or follow the links I've provided. If you enjoy bodybuilding you will enjoy each of these podcasts. Pro Bodybuilding … [Read more...]

Average Guy’s Guide to Supplements

Average Guy's Guide to Supplements

As an average guy who started training about 6 years ago, I have done a lot of research into supplementation. Most of the current bodybuilding magazines are just one big advertisement for supplement companies. They all want you to believe that their supplement is the magic bullet you’ve been looking for. The supplement industry is huge as a result. Everyone wants to take a pill … [Read more...]

My Idea of Great Music for Lifting


I find that the music I listen to changes the intensity I train with. I react differently to different types of music. For weight training I really like hard and heavy music. People generally don’t believe me when they hear about the music I listen to. The following is an actual playlist on my iPhone’s Spotify account that I use to train with major intensity. Metal Workout Mix … [Read more...]

Why Would a Gym Disrespect a Bodybuilder?


If you watch The Biggest Loser you've no doubt seen the commercials for Planet Fitness. What I cannot understand is why a gym would ever disrespect a bodybuilder. It honestly makes very little sense to me. If I owned a gym I'd practically beg bodybuilders to come in and represent me. People join gyms so that they can look like these guys. Why show them such disrespect? Planet … [Read more...]

8 Tools for Total Gym Domination


Everyone who likes to train and go hard has their favorite tools. My gym tool belt includes 8 tools for total gym domination.   Arm Blaster. This thing helps you keep your elbows back and stops you from using momentum when doing any curling exercises for your biceps. While it is a newer tool in my tool belt, it has been quite effective.   Quad Blaster. This one … [Read more...]

The Fat Burning Machine Merges!


Since 2007 I have maintained a blog at http://www.thefatburningmachineblog.com and have finally decided that it would be best to merge that site with this one.  My focus has been more on this site and all the ideas I have revolve around this site, so to save some money, I recently imported all the posts from that site to this one.  You can reach these posts at The Fat Burning … [Read more...]

Why Fitness Expose?


I am just a regular guy who started out just like you.  I was confused and bounced from idea to idea.  The concepts weren't sticking because everything sounded right.  I had no idea what to do and it showed.  Principles Drive Success Eventually I learned some principles that were not cut and dry, but were guidelines to me being successful at my fitness endeavor.  By applying … [Read more...]