The 5 Best Back Training Exercises


There are so many back training exercises that it is almost impossible to pick just 5. I have a feeling there will be another set of posts following up on this one. Training your back is an important thing. We use our back all day long. By building stronger back muscles we make everyday life easier. Here are 5 great exercises for building back strength and mass. Pull … [Read more...]

Build a Bigger Chest Quickly


Who doesn't want a bigger chest? Well, ladies, even you do, but that's not what I am referring to. Anyone who hits a gym on a Monday int he United States will know that everyone wants a bigger chest. Monday's are National Chest Day in most gyms in America. Bigger Chest by Hitting the Angles As with any other body part, the varying angles you use will help you get a bigger … [Read more...]

How to Periodize Your Training


When you train it is easy to get stuck in a rut. If you periodize your training you present your body with new challenges and some variation. This helps to keep the momentum that you build as you go along. This will help you avoid plateaus completely when done correctly. I personally use periodization in my system all the time. What does it mean to periodize your training? In … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Hamstring Happiness


Hamstring training is not for the weak-minded. In order to get great hamstrings you must put in some intense training time. In today's Monday Madness I am going to present you with a hamstring training program that will have your hamstrings growing in no time at all. Why Hamstring Training is Important Hamstring training is often neglected or given a lower priority than … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Train Your Legs


If you are looking for the best way to build muscle fast you have to train your legs. This is not negotiable. It is something you must do. Do You Train Your Legs? We have all seen the guys in the gym with the huge upper body and twigs for legs. When asked they have a multitude of excuses for not training their legs. It could be "squats hurt my knees" or "my legs get enough … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Push Yourself Harder


Push yourself harder. I am sure you've been told that at some point. I am here today to be blunt and direct about this topic. If you leave having learned something then my mission will be accomplished. I am not going to worry about your feelings. This is not going to be a politically correct article. This is going to be a "getting real" article. Yes, shit just got real! Go … [Read more...]

Saturday Sharing: My Opinion on HIT Training


HIT training (High Intensity Training) is a weight training principle that gets very little respect in the bodybuilding community, but was used by some big names to achieve a tremendous physique. Those of you reading this site for any amount of time know that I believe in the Experiment of One. I have personally used HIT to get some incredible results. I always seem to go back … [Read more...]

Cardio Techniques: Hill Climbs


Using various cardio techniques can help keep you going on your cardio routine. Nobody I know enjoys cardio, but when they vary their routine it is much easier to complete. I have been working through a series of cardio techniques the past month and today's session is about hill climbs. I use them on a treadmill in a unique way. You can even do hill climbs outside if you'd … [Read more...]

5 More Things You Should Remember at the Gym

Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette is a topic near and dear to my heart. I cannot stand when people misuse the gym. I recently wrote 5 Things You Should Remember at the Gym and these are 5 more things to add to that list. The squat rack and power rack are for squatting, overhead presses and other compound barbell exercises, not bicep curls. It irritates me when I see someone using the squat or … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Chest Training to Blow Up Your Pecs


Chest training is like a religion in most gyms. Monday's are dubbed "Bench Press Mondays" because that's when most people do their chest training.My good friend and mentor, Ken Turchek, taught me some amazing tricks for building my pecs. While it is a slow process (what in bodybuilding isn't), it works. I see changes all the time as I look in the mirror. In today's Monday … [Read more...]